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The Grange Sports Club – Large TurfMesh Installation Case Study

This latest case study comes from The Grange Sports Club in Edinburgh, which is a regular host of Scotland cricket teams international matches and as well as being a leading sports club for hockey , squash and tennis. Neil, the Grounds Convenor at Grange was looking for a solution to a few issues they were facing […]

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Gravel Retention Pavers What Will Your Next Summer Project Be?

Gravel retention pavers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a product that will maintain the impressive look of your drive or pathway throughout the year. Although we’re focusing on gravel retention, these driveway grids are also brilliant grass reinforcement too which means that, as well as driveways, many people like to reinforce their […]

Permeable Grass Plastic Pavers - Finished
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Permeable Grass Plastic Pavers – A Great Start to Any Project

You are ready to build the path or walkway or perhaps driveway that will make your place stand out from the crowd. The permeable grass plastic pavers are just want you need to make the special project happen. By using the plastic pavers you will be helping the environment as the panels used for the permeable grass […]

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Impressive Gravel Car Parking Spaces

Tips for Impressive Gravel Parking Spaces Gravel is meant to refer to small stones; with a diameter of between 5 and 30mm. These stones may either be angular or rounded. The popularity of these stones may be attributed to their use in car parking gravel area.  While there are so many aggregates that may be […]

Permeable Grass Plastic Pavers - Finished
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Porous Grass Pavers a Fairground Wonderland

Perfect for protecting vulnerable ground from heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic, our porous grass pavers can be used for a whole number of applications, including most popularly on pathways, golf courses and driveways. Today’s blog focuses on the use of these porous pavers at fair grounds. Fairs pop up throughout the year, all over the […]