Lancaster Golf Club's Rubber Grass Mats Path - Featured Image
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Grass Mats Used To Create Paths At Lancaster Golf Club

This case study comes from Mike, the Greens Chairman at Lancaster Golf Club. After he had seen other golf courses create pathways for winter and with Lancaster having its wettest & muddiest winter in years, Mike decided to find a suitable product to create walkways that would keep golfers out of the mud whilst protecting the grass. […]

Rubber Grass Mats Inverness Crazy Golf Featured Image
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Rubber Grass Mats Review from Inverness Crazy Golf

We’ve all played Crazy Golf, a fast paced, fun round of putting a golf ball past a number of strange objects. However we never think of the ground around the course and how the constant tread from customers can wear away even the toughest of flooring. Gus had found that his grass was starting to […]

10 unexpected ways X-Grid could be just the product for you Featured Image
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10 Unexpected Ways X-Grid Could Be Just The Product For You

X-Grid Permeable Paving Grids have so many applications. It’s hard to fit so many great uses onto our product pages or, indeed onto our blog, which is why we very often find ourselves committing to merely a brief list of a few of them. So, here we’re about to put that to an end by […]

Grass Protection Mesh Featured Image
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Grass Reinforcement Mesh: See You at Tee Time

Ruts and divots are problems faced on pretty much every golf course, and it’s some poor soul’s job to inspect the course throughout the day reporting rutting and replacing divots. Luckily for you – pro, amateur or unlucky-divot-fixer – we have a speedy and cost-effective solution. Our grass reinforcement mesh will help maintain the look […]