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Impressive Gravel Car Parking Spaces

Tips for Impressive Gravel Parking Spaces

Gravel is meant to refer to small stones; with a diameter of between 5 and 30mm. These stones may either be angular or rounded. The popularity of these stones may be attributed to their use in car parking gravel area.  While there are so many aggregates that may be used for surface dressing, gravel is one of the most preferred material for sites that experience heavy traffic, including car parking lots and driveways.

What size to use

The majority of people aspiring to use gravel are wondering what size is ideal for different applications.  This is mainly because gravel differs in size and diameter. Generally, gravel with a diameter of between 6 and 20mm is used to dress loose surfaces. Gravel with a diameter of less than 6mm is similar to grit and is disturbed easily. Again, gravel with a diameter of more than 18mm may be uncomfortable to walk on. For footpaths, a diameter of between 18 and 20mm should be used. For driveways, you may use a diameter of between 10 and 18mm.  However, personal preference should also be taken into account when deciding on the perfect gravel size to use.

What depth?

The other question that is disturbing many people, with regards to car parking gravel areas, is the depth of gravel they should use. For a good cover, the recommended gravel depth is between 50 and 150mm. A thin gravel surface is easily scuffed and disturbed, hence revealing the underlying layers. As such, the minimal depth that you use should be twice the diameter of the gravel. To decorate your car parking lot, you may need to use a depth of about 12mm. If you use a depth of more than three times the diameter of the gravel makes it unstable. Therefore, the recommended depth is about 25mm. A shallower depth should be used with small gravels and a deeper one for larger gravels.

Keeping it tidy

While gravel has so many advantages, including attractive, cost effective and easy installation, they have a drawback in that they can migrate to undesired places. To firm gravel and keep it in place, you should consider using gravel pavers. Additionally, you should also use some form of edge restrain to prevent the gravel form migrating to the undesired places. A good barrier should be able to prevent gravel migration.

Products to firm and contain gravel

To prevent migration, enhance the load bearing capacity and improve the appearance of car parking gravel areas, it is important that you use some of these products on the gravel surface:

  •          X-Grid reinforcement grid – this grid is purely made using recycled plastic and may be used for an array of ground reinforcement applications, including gravel car park reinforcement. It is fully permeable, hence allows rainwater to infiltrate to the water table.
  •          TP80 HGV Grass Pavers – The TP80 pavers from GCL Products is one of the best products you may use to stabilize gravel in car parking lots. Additionally, it may also be used on roadways for the same purpose. These pavers can withstand heavy loads, up to 60 tones. As such, they are ideal for use in parking lots for big trucks.
  •          Deco Grid – this is a decorative plastic grid that be used in parking lots to avert gravel migration. These are available from GLC products in three different colors, white, Terracotta and Green. They are also easy to install. With this Deco grid, you can easily turn grassed areas outside your property into fantastic off street car parking lots.

With the above mentioned tips, it is possible to come up with beautiful, attractive yet durable car parking gravel areas

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  1. Hi there – we are a company based in Aylesbury. We are looking to convert a grassed area (approx. 207 square Metres) into an overflow car park. We are very keen to get a quote and some advice on this please.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your comment, we have passed your enquiry onto one of our customer service team who will be in touch shortly.

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