Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Featured Image
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Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m² Of Green X-Grid

This latest article comes courtesy of Paul who had a large gravel front garden next to his current concrete driveway. He wanted to start parking on part of the garden but it was not suitable due to the strength, possibility of sinking into the gravel and migration. Paul told us: “We replaced the grass on our front […]
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Green X-Grid® and Black X-Grid® Used To Create A Driveway & Shed Base

This latest case study comes from Richard who was wanting to complete two jobs. First was to enable his front lawn to be a car parking area as there was only room for one car before this project. Second was to create a shed base for his recently purchased garden building. Read on to see [...]
Car Parking Domestic Driveway Gravel Driveway

50m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway – A Customers Self-Written Case Study

This case study comes from Paul, after deciding to install a Car Port on the side of his workshop needed to convert his part tarmac driveway and part gravel path into a strong, easy to lay and permeable gravel driveway. After using our X-Grid® in a previous project, he decided to use our fully recycled […]
How to Perfectly Install a Gravel Driveway X-Grid
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How to Perfectly Install a Gravel Driveway

For many years now, plastic grid systems have been used to stabilize grass and gravel in many places across the world. They have become very popular among  homeowners and property developers from all corners of the world. Such systems have been enabling people to come up with stable gravel and grass surface that are derivable.  […]