Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Featured Image
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Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m² Of Green X-Grid

This latest article comes courtesy of Paul who had a large gravel front garden next to his current concrete driveway. He wanted to start parking on part of the garden but it was not suitable due to the strength, possibility of sinking into the gravel and migration. Paul told us: “We replaced the grass on our front […]
56m² X-Grid Gravel Driveway - Featured Image
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A 56m² X-Grid Gravel Driveway Installation – Customer Case Study

This case study comes from Matthew who was wanting to extend his current block paved driveway at the front of his home. He decided that to do so he would convert his current front garden into a gravel driveway to create the extra parking space needed instead of using block paving. Read on to find [...]
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Green X-Grid® and Black X-Grid® Used To Create A Driveway & Shed Base

This latest case study comes from Richard who was wanting to complete two jobs. First was to enable his front lawn to be a car parking area as there was only room for one car before this project. Second was to create a shed base for his recently purchased garden building. Read on to see [...]
Two Gravel Driveway Installations By West Bridgford Landscaping Ltd - Featured Image
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Two X-Grid Gravel Driveway Installations By West Bridgford Landscaping

This latest blog comes courtesy of Mark and his team at West Bridgford Landscaping who used our X-Grid to create gravel parking areas for two different clients. One job was a small overflow area next to the main drive and the second job was a large gravel driveway. Following a meeting with the first client, [...]
Gardeners' Question Time - Permeable Paving - Featured Image
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BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time – Discussing Permeable Paving

Gardeners' Question Time is a weekly radio show on BBC Radio 4 from 3pm until 4pm. During last weeks episode (4th January 2019) listeners were treated to an engaging piece from Carol and Manoj who were discussing the use of gravel grids and permeable paving such as X-Grid® to create a gravel driveway within a [...]
Cold Harbour Mill - Sensory Garden Created Using X-Grid® - Featured Image
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Coldharbour Mill – Sensory Garden Created Using X-Grid®

This project comes from Coldharbour Mill who contacted us back in April as they were looking to create an accessible sensory garden with the help of Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme. Their aim was to transform an area of grass on the bank of their lower leat into an attractive and stimulating recreational area for all visitors. In order to allow access for everyone, a paving system that could be filled with grass or gravel, was strong, permeable and easy to install was vital.
13m² X-Grid Multicoloured Gravel X-Grid Garden Path - Featured Image
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13m² Multicoloured X-Grid® Garden Gravel Path

This latest case study comes from Alison, she contacted us a few months ago as she was looking to perform a complete make over of her back garden by creating a decorative gravel path and decking area. She needed a product that would stop any gravel migration from occurring whilst proving a strong foundation under […]