Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Featured Image
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Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m² Of Green X-Grid

This latest article comes courtesy of Paul who had a large gravel front garden next to his current concrete driveway. He wanted to start parking on part of the garden but it was not suitable due to the strength, possibility of sinking into the gravel and migration.

Paul told us: “We replaced the grass on our front garden with gravel some years ago, primarily for ease of maintenance. We park the car on the concrete driveway that runs alongside the gravel and, having just got a second car, needed a more solid base to occasionally park on to save having to keep shuffling the cars round.”

Read on to find out how Paul created a gravel driveway:

Choosing X-Grid

To over come the issue he was facing, Paul began researching gravel driveway grids as he had previously seen them used in a local care home and was impressed by their looks and how well they constantly support cars.

Paul said: “Our need was for occasional but stable use so our trusty assistant Google stepped in to help investigate and we soon found your website. The reviews looked good and your prices seemed very reasonable and competitive – and certainly far cheaper and quicker than our original plan of extending the concrete drive.”

Up on finding X-Grid, Paul was impressed by its many benefits such as its 428 tonne load bearing capacity, easy installation, permeability, weather resistance and due to being manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

“I had a couple of questions before ordering which were swiftly answered via your web chat facility. I placed an order online for green X-Grid and membrane rolls which were delivered a few days later and put where we wanted them, waiting for our builder to lay them in situ.”

Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Project

Installing X-Grid To Create A Gravel Parking Space

With the X-Grid pallet in place, Paul’s builder could begin the gravel driveway installation as soon as he was ready. Paul talked us through the process he went through:

“As the ground was already solid we didn’t feel it necessary to lay a hardcore foundation. So we pulled away all of the gravel leaving an exposed sub-base before laying and securing our membrane rolls which are used to minimise weed growth before installing the x-grid on top of the sheet.”

The builder working on Paul’s driveway found X-Grid very easy to work with. Its lightweight frame and simple slot and peg connection system allowed him to lay all of the grid in almost no time at all.

“The area is about 33 square metres and the grids were easily connected together and installed in place in less than an hour. We then proceeded to use 10mm gravel to fill the grids and, whilst the end result looks similar to the starting point, we know we now have a solid and stable base to drive onto and park.”

Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Installing X-Grid


Paul is delighted with the end result, he now has a strong, permeable and migration free gravel driveway in his front garden which looks almost exactly the same as it did before – showing just how discreet X-Grid can be once installed!

Paul told us: “All in all a quick yet effective fix for our needs at a very reasonable price and with minimal effort. Several people walking past the garden whilst the work was underway were impressed with what they saw and our builder has already visited one couple to discuss their needs!”

A huge thank you to Paul for sharing details and photos of his installation to allow us to create this case study. If you have any questions about our X-Grid or any of our other products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gravel Driveway Created Using 33m2 of Green X-Grid - Conclusion

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