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Why Not Use Grass Protection Mesh

Ok. So you are ready to make some home improvements. You may be thinking, “But where do I begin?”. Why not start where it all begins – The driveway. Your driveway says a lot about you. Maybe more than you realize. This is what people will notice first when they come to visit. Since most people must walk up the driveway to get to your door. So now you have to stop and think, “What driveway will look good and fit my style, budget and go well with my house?” Here is a thought. How about grass driveways. You are probably thinking… “Grass driveways? Won’t they get ruined when I park my car?” Here’s the response – “Nope!” Not with the use of grass protection mesh. Grass protection is a mesh that covers the driveway or area in question. It allows the grass to grow while protecting the roots from being crushed under the weight of what it has on top of it.

By using the protective grass mesh, you can create the driveway of your dreams or at least have the ability to get creative with your driveway. Unlike other materials, the grass protected driveways are a great idea not only for the way they look but they are environmentally a sound idea. Nice to look at and helpful to the planet. Go Green!

Ok. So earth friendly aside. Grass protectors are great for giving your driveway a unique fresh look. Create designs in the grass protections or use them to make borders around the driveway. There are so many uses for the grass protectors. They are easy to install and move around so you can change the look of the driveway or area without much effort. Because they protect the ground below you won’t be left with ugly spots where the grass protectors once were.

Concrete driveways can crack and dry up. Asphalt driveways also split and crumble. Then you have gravel driveways where the stones get pushed into the dirt leading to buying more gravel to fill in the spots in the driveway. All of these driveways have their benefits but they also have their maintenance and upkeep which is more costly then the grass that grows under the grass protectors. Grass protected driveways don’t have these problems. Simply place the grass protectors in the desired locations and let the grass grow.

Grass Protection Mesh

With the grass protections on your side you can be creative with landscaping, help the environment and add a great look to your house. Now you might be thinking, “Well how do I care for the grass under the grass protections?”  All you have to do is mow right over them. Keep the grass the length you want with little effort.

Another great thing about the grass protection mesh is that if you have an area either in your lawn or in the new and improved driveway they will help reinforce the spot and allow the grass to grow. For example if the driveway has a spot where the dirt tends to wash away the grass protectors will help to keep the dirt in place allowing the grass to grow and the spot to be better stabilized.

This is a great idea for anyone looking to do some home improvements or who is simply looking for a change. Check out the grass protection mesh and see where your driveway takes you.

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