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A 56m² X-Grid Gravel Driveway Installation – Customer Case Study

This case study comes from Matthew who was wanting to extend his current block paved driveway at the front of his home. He decided that to do so he would convert his current front garden into a gravel driveway to create the extra parking space needed instead of using block paving. Read on to find out why Matthew chose a gravel driveway and to see exactly how he achieved his goal:

Choosing To Use X-Grid

Matthew began searching online to find out more about extending his driveway which is when he came across a how to install a gravel driveway article that explained the positives of this type of driveway and how to install it using a gravel grid like X-Grid.

Matthew then came across our website and X-Grid which he began reading up on, after discovering its many benefits such as: ability to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm, being lightweight, easy to install, fully permeable and UV & weather resistant. He ordered 56m² Of X-Grid along with two 1m x 12m Membrane Rolls. His products were dispatched from our warehouse and delivered to his home within 3 workings days.

Installing X-Grid Gravel Driveway

Matthew’s project started with the removal of his existing front garden. He dug out and either reused or disposed of the existing turf, plants and soil to leave an exposed soil base.

On to the soil base he laid a small layer of hardcore before compacting it down and levelling it as well as he could to create a solid and effective sub-base. On top of the sub-base he rolled out and secured his sheets of membrane to ensure it would not move when walked on or blow around in the wind. Membrane is used to prevent weeds and plants from growing up and through the gravel whilst still allowing water to drain away naturally.

With the membrane in place, Matthew could begin installing his X-Grid. He started in one corner and laid one panel at a time, connecting each neighboring piece as he went along using the specially designed and simple to use slot and peg connection. This process was repeated over and over until the entire area had been covered. In one corner of the drive some panels had to be cut to shape to ensure they fitted correctly, X-Grid can be cut using just a fine tooth saw which is what Matthew did.

Finally, with the X-Grid now fully installed, all that was left to do was to fill the area with his chosen gravel which he’d had delivered to his home in bulk bags. We estimate that around 8kg of gravel is required to fill 1 panel of X-Grid, so from that you can roughly work out how much you will need to fill your area.

Now Matthew could begin to take full advantage of his beautiful extended driveway and begin parking on his new gravel parking space!


Matthew is very pleased with his new gravel driveway and we can see why, he has transformed his front garden into a large, attractive and effective car parking space with the use of X-Grid.

A huge thank you to Matthew for choosing to use our X-Grid and for sharing the images and details of his installation to allow us to create this case study. If you have any photos of your project to share with us or you have questions regarding any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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