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Grass Protection Mats Used Under Fitness Trees

This case study comes from a fitness equipment company, Fitness Tree, who were looking for a suitable flooring solution to be installed under their innovative exercise ‘tree’. They needed a flooring that would allow drainage whilst protecting the grass below as without a flooring the turf would be destroyed from constant foot traffic.

Fitness Tree

Fitness Tree is an easy to use, accessible and effective home based fitness station. Each fitness tree is made from ‘play quality’ timber and come with a height adjustable and multi-exercise galvanised steel attachment branch. Once you have your Fitness Tree, you are given a bodyweight, suspension and resistance trainer exercise manual to help you get the most out of your new fitness equipment.

Being able to perform over 100 different exercises using the Fitness Tree means it is very much a worthwhile purchase. The Fitness Tree is easy to install too, you are required to dig a hole one meter deep and then postcrete it into the ground to ensure its stability.

Grass Protection Mats Used Under Fitness Trees
Fitness tree is a homemade exercise station.

Grass Protection Mats

Our Grass Protection Mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and come in two varieties, 16mm thick and 23mm thick. The holes in the mats allow efficient drainage & promotes grass growth by protecting the root of the turf below, after some growth the mats become almost invisible as the grass grows up and through the holes. The mats are also very easy to install, they can be easily shaped by cutting them with sharp scissors and are secured into the ground by using plastic pegs.

Having been officially tested to a critical fall height of 3.3 metres, you can rest assured that should any trips or falls occur you are in safe hands with the rubber grass mats under you and your equipment.

Grass Protection Mats
Grass Protection Mats allow efficient drainage and promote grass growth.

Installing Grass Protection Mats

Fitness Tree ordered their grass protection mats through our website and received their order 3 working days later, they were able to get straight to work installing them. The mats were unpacked and cut in half length ways to create two smaller mats with a circle cut into each mat where the Rig would be stood.

Once the mats and Fitness Trees were in place they could begin to secure the grass protection mats using the plastic fixing pegs. The pegs are nailed into the  ground through the mats holes to ensure that there is no movement when walked/run/exercised on.

Installing Grass Protection Mats
The mats were installed straight away.


Martin told us how great the mats are when used with the Fitness Tree. He was and still is very pleased with how they have performed and protected the grass under his fantastic exercise rig.

Martin told us: “In order to protect the grass while training, Fitness Trees rely heavily on the large heavy duty rubber grass protection mats provided by MatsGrids. They allow the grass to grow through the mat which provides a protective layer. Working out most days on the Fitness Tree will take its toll on the grass if it is not protected.”

For more information on the Fitness Tree simply visit their website and should you have any more questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grass Protection Mats Used Under Fitness Trees: conclusion
Fitness trees rely heavily on grass protections mats which help to prevent injuries.

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  1. We have been asked to quote for some work to be carried out at a school playground.
    Please could you give me a quote for 750 m2.
    It is to go on top of subbase and turfed so the play ground can be used straight away.

    for any questions please ring Darrell

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