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Grass Mats Installed Next To A Climbing Frame, Slide & Swings

Jump To: | The Project | The Work | Conclusion | The Project This case study comes from Jo. After purchasing a new wooden climbing frame with built in swings and slide for the garden, she began searching the internet for the correct safety flooring. This was to ensure that should there be any trips or falls […]
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Grass Mats Used At Illuminate The Sheffield Botanical Gardens

One of the most natural and beautiful parts of Sheffield has to be the Botanical Gardens located just off Ecclesall Road. With a large greenhouse / pavilion with many wild and exotic flowers and plants inside as well as a massive amount all throughout the grounds. To protect the grass, plants and flowers during this […]
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Two Different Uses For Rubber Grass Mats

As with most landscaping, groundwork and DIY products there will always be customers who use your product in a way that won’t have even crossed your mind. For example, using a gravel retention paving grid in the bottom of a 10ft aquarium or using a rubber tile as a bullet backstop for shooting targets! This […]
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Rubber Grass Mats Installation Customer Review

Our Rubber Grass Mats have a primary use of being placed around play areas or exisiting walk ways. They’re used to soften any impact from tripping or falling, our 23mm grass mats have been tested and found to have a critical fall height of 3.3 meters. Making them perfect for higher climbing frames and play areas […]
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Rubber Grass Mats are Ideal for Lawn Protection

Rubber Grass Mats The garden Play Surface If you’re suffering from bald spots in your lawn or perhaps a public park or grass path, then you’ll be pleased to hear that our rubber grass mats could solve all your problems. Exceptionally simple in concept but amazing in their effect, these rubber mats are durable, strong, […]
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Benefits of Grass Matting

What are the Benefits of installing Rubber Grass Matting? It is normal for natural grass to get damaged during the winter.  The main reason behind this damage is that most of the water sprinkled on the grass does not get to the roots of the grass. Additionally, maintenance of natural grass is comparatively difficult. To […]
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Permeable Paving Mats – Expand Your Ideas

Permeable paving mats are a really simple and easy way to enhance your driveway, improve your garden, or protect a pathway and decrease the amount of maintenance necessary on an outside area. These permeable paving grids are a cheap and low maintenance way of improving your driveway, pathway or any outside area. Made from 100% […]