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Rubber Grass Mats are Ideal for Lawn Protection

Rubber Grass Mats The garden Play Surface

If you’re suffering from bald spots in your lawn or perhaps a public park or grass path, then you’ll be pleased to hear that our rubber grass mats could solve all your problems. Exceptionally simple in concept but amazing in their effect, these rubber mats are durable, strong, great value for money, and, most importantly protection for an eroding grass surface.

As with the majority of our products, the rubber we use in these mats has been recycled, making it an environmentally friendly product, and us an eco-friendly company with a dedication to reducing our dependency on new materials.

With a non-slip surface and certified fall height of over three metres (3.3m to be precise), safety is key with this product, making it a great choice for use around children. These rubber mats are exceptionally popular in parks and around play equipment in gardens because they can sustain large impacts from a height.

The design of the grass mats, with 25mm holes, protects the grass at the root while maintaining natural drainage routes. With efficient drainage and grass protection you’ll not only benefit from a full lawn all year round, but also a sturdy surface underfoot as well. These grass protection mats play a vital role in preventing soil erosion and damage to the plant’s roots. The holes provide the grass with ample room to grow, disguising the mat and allowing you to enjoy the look of a luscious green lawn. The rubber mats also allow you to mow your lawn as usual, without having to worry about relaying them each time.

Although the ground should be level, the flexibility of our grass mats means they’ll fit to all surfaces, flat and sloping, aiding traction in slippery areas. As a result, rubber mats are especially useful for maintaining mobility, on foot, with a pram and for wheelchair users.

These mats are resilient, capable of withstanding all types of weather, extreme temperatures and are even flame retardant. Despite their great properties and strength, we do not recommend that our rubber grass mats range be used to support vehicular traffic. However, we do have a range of grass protection grids which are capable of withstanding such demands.

All of our mats measure 1m x 1.5m and are supplied in two thicknesses, 16mm and 23mm. For regular, heavy foot traffic, we’d recommend the thicker of the two, otherwise, the standard 16mm should be fine. The simple design of the mat allows each panel to be easily connected with cable ties, making the job of laying the mats pretty quick and easy. If you need to buy everything together (mesh, mats, ties and pegs) then take a look at one of our great grass mat bundles, containing everything you need to provide the perfect play surface for your little ones and also instant ground protection as an added bonus too.

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact one of the MatsGrids sales team on 01246 589092, or feel free to get in touch via email to, and we will be happy to provide you with our professional assistance.

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