How Is The UK Dealing With Its Plastic Waste?

So just a few months months after the Chinese Plastic Waste Ban and the shocking scenes of plastic islands and animals injured by plastic in Blue Planet 2. Just how has the UK changed its approach to dealing with its plastic waste and how it is aiming to reduce the plastic pollution in the ocean […]

Spring Is Coming: MatsGrids March Gardening Guide

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] With Spring quickly approaching and the list of gardening jobs increasing the further into the year we get, we have decided to create a list of jobs you should aim to have completed by the end of March (weather permitting of course). From cutting and preparing your lawn to protecting your newly sprouting […]

The Best Gravel Driveway Grids

Simply the Best Gravel Driveway Grids, better than all the rest 1. The Advantages of  Gravel on Driveways Before deciding on asphalt, gravel or any other material to cover your driveways, you need to weigh all the options available and the benefits associated with them. With a careful thought and considerations, many homeowners settled for […]

Permeable Paving Mats – Expand Your Ideas

Permeable paving mats are a really simple and easy way to enhance your driveway, improve your garden, or protect a pathway and decrease the amount of maintenance necessary on an outside area. These permeable paving grids are a cheap and low maintenance way of improving your driveway, pathway or any outside area. Made from 100% […]

Consider Ground Reinforcement Grids to Protect Your Area

High traffic areas at homes or offices that do not have existing traditional paving, professional walkways or parking areas suffer the consequences of grass and ground taking all the damage of such high traffic areas. Ground reinforcement grids solve this problem in a cost effective manner, is the ideal solution for car parking, driveways, footpaths, vehicles, […]

Permeable Gravel Retention Paving – Money Savers for Your Project

Permeable gravel retention paving is great for using on your driveway, path or walkway and even parking lots. The panels used in the permeable gravel retention paving are lightweight and durable. The permeable gravel retention paving panels can withstand up to 350 tonnes of compression which makes them great for driveways and parking lots. But […]

Porous Paving Grids Car Parks of the Future

You need a new or better place to park your car. The porous paving car parking system is just what you need to make your driveway look the best it can. You can change the size or shape of your driveway with the porous car parking lot you create. A great thing to keep in […]

Permeable Grass Pavers – Great For Your Paving Needs

Permeable grass pavers are a great product for your next paving project needs. Whether you are using the grass pavers for your driveway or for the walkway in your yard, they are the perfect fit. The grass pavers are made from 100% recycled plastic materials. By using the recycled plastic you are keeping plastic waste […]

Porous Paving Panels Creating a Classic Garden Path

Time to start your next outdoor project. The porous paving panels have got you covered well they have your driveway, walkway or heavy grass traveled area covered. So what will your next outdoor project be? With the porous paving panels you don’t have to choose just one project, you can do them all. Let’s start […]