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Porous Paving Panels Creating a Classic Garden Path

Time to start your next outdoor project. The porous paving panels have got you covered well they have your driveway, walkway or heavy grass traveled area covered. So what will your next outdoor project be? With the porous paving panels you don’t have to choose just one project, you can do them all.

Let’s start with a walkway through your garden. It is summer time and the flowers look amazing. You will want to have a path that flows through the garden so you tend to the flowers and watch them bloom. What better way to make a path than with the porous paving panels. The porous paving panels are a great addition to your beautiful garden. And you can get the porous paving panels in three cool colours…Black, natural and green.

The dimensions for the porous paving panels are 330 x 330 x 40 mm. The porous paving panels have a load bearing capacity of up to 320 tonnes. The porous paving panels have a compression strength of up to 10 tonnes axle load weight.  This is will come in handing when you use the porous paving panels for your other projects like a driveway or parking area.

Porous Paving Panels

The porous panels are made from 100% recycled plastic so they are Eco-Friendly. Go Green!! So by using the porous paving panels you are not only making your garden the envy of all your neighbours but you are also helping the environment. Everyone wants to do their part to help protect the environment and by using the porous paving panels you can join the ranks that are going the extra mile to save the planet. Did we also mention that while you are using our porous paving panels you will be helping to protecting the ground under them? Imagine that, something that is made from recycled plastic looks sharp and protects the ground it is on…You can’t beat that.

A thought to keep in mind is that the porous panels are in accordance with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 which encourages the use of porous grass paver surfaces to help prevent against flooding. Using the porous paving panels for your garden pathway will help to prevent against flooding in your garden area. No flooding or standing water in the garden is a god thing as all you gardeners know.

Porous Paving Panels

The interlocking system on the paving panels makes them easy to install and if you choose to use the porous paving panels for another project they are lightweight and easy to move around. Once you have the foundation laid, you can fill the porous paving panels with soil and grass, gravel, pebbles or something else to make the garden pathway special. The unique design for the porous paving panels will prevent whatever you fill them with from washing away. So if you fill the porous paving panels with gravel, for example, the gravel will stay put saving you time and money.

As if we haven’t already given you a bunch of awesome reasons to use these amazing porous paving panels for all your driveway, walkway, pathway or parking lot needs there is more. The unique design of the porous paving panels prevents the gravel or soil from washing away. This will save you time and money on repairs and having to refill the gravel or soil that has been eroded.  That is an idea we can all get behind.

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