Permeable Grass Pavers - Great For Your Paving Needs
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Permeable Grass Pavers – Great For Your Paving Needs

Permeable grass pavers are a great product for your next paving project needs. Whether you are using the grass pavers for your driveway or for the walkway in your yard, they are the perfect fit. The grass pavers are made from 100% recycled plastic materials. By using the recycled plastic you are keeping plastic waste out of the already filled landfills. That is great news for the environment as it takes 450 years for plastic to decompose.

The permeable pavers have the compression strength of 320 tonnes per square meter so you can park even your heaviest vehicle on the permeable grass pavers and not worry about them breaking. The permeable grass pavers are durable and strong but the permeable grass pavers are also lightweight and easy to install. A single person can assemble 100 Square meters in approximately one hour.

The permeable grass pavers can be filled with gravel or with soil and grass depending on what look you are going for. Or if you are feeling daring the pavers come in three colours, natural, black and green however, they can be ordered in just about any colour, provided enough are ordered to justify the colour request. So go ahead and be bold. Mix and match the colours and alternate between gravel and grass and soil filled pavers. Makes designs or create patterns, add flowers to accentuate the borders of your walkway or driveway. The sky is the limit on your creativity.

The pavers have the dimension of 330 x 330 x 40 mm. The permeable pavers are lightweight; UV and weather resilient plus they are great for all types of outdoor projects. The permeable grass pavers are stronger and more durable than the competition. Grass pavers won’t rust, breakdown or need constant maintenance and repairs unlike the competitors.

Permeable Grass Pavers - Great For Your Paving Needs

When it comes to building your ideal driveway or walkway keep in mind that the permeable grass pavers are sturdy and dependable while also being lightweight, UV and weather resilient and made from 100% recycled plastic. Go Green! Permeable grass pavers can be filled with grass and soil or gravel and you don’t have to worry about whatever you put in the permeable grass pavers because it will not wash away or erode over time.

The permeable grass pavers are the perfect choice for the creation of SUDs approved paved areas. These permeable grass paver panels are great for driveways, path or walkways and even roads and car parks. Thanks to the fact that the permeable grass pavers are made from recycled plastic they will not be as expensive as the competitors because there will be no export taxes or fees and there will be no raw material and processing fees.

No matter what you decide to build with the permeable grass pavers panels your project will turn out great. Great for all your paving needs, the permeable grass paver panels have got you covered. Whether you are design the perfect walkway or building the best driveway on the block and adding a row of flowers as the border to make your yard stand out. Permeable grass pavers are lightweight, strong, made from recycled plastic and will save you money.

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