Rubber Play Surfaces

Rubber Playground Surfacing Solutions To Create Safe Play Areas for Children

Our rubber play surfaces ensure a natural-looking, durable and safe environment for children’s play.

The range of eco-friendly rubber grass mats are available in varying thicknesses and once laid, the holes allow grass to grow through them naturally. This natural growth not only creates an almost seamless grass layer, to the point where you’ll barely notice the rubber grass mats, it also maintains nature’s drainage routes, allowing rain an surface water to drain away naturally.

As well as grass mats, we also specialise in Rubber Play Tiles and Child safety Rubber Play Mats which can be used to create a soft child-friendly, durable play surface. These play tiles are available with either interlocking or butt joint connectors, so they really are suitable for any environment.

Finally, you’ll also find the latest addition to the range, a large collection of EPDM rubber wet pour surfaces. This collection isn’t as easy to install as many of our other products and will require a certain amount of technical knowledge. However, once successfully installed, you’ll be left with a strong, vibrant and solid play surface that is sure to stimulate any child’s imagination.

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