Stabilisation Meshes

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Stabilise the sub-ground prior to Installing Rubber Grass Mats with our strong Mesh.

Designed specifically for ground stabilisation GSM is manufactured from polypropylene and is a low-cost, effective solution to increase strength and stability in the ground. Ideal for use in paving projects to increase ground stability, GSM160 is available in 1metre and 2metre wide roll widths, roll lengths up to 100 metres. Installation Simply level the existing surface filling and ruts with soil or sand and pin in place using U-Pins or metal staples. Once securely laid, cover the mesh evenly with MOT Type 1 hardcore or road stone. Typical applications where stabilisation mesh can be used: are: Paving projects (Block or plastic Grid) Rural tracks or Gateways/ Construction Site Entrances Paved and unpaved roads: