Grass Protection Mats

Grass Protection Mats Ideal for creating outdoor Grassed Play areas.

MatsGrids are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of grass protection mats. Grass mat protection is one of the most simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing methods of protecting grass from erosion.

Available as a 16mm or 23mm thickness, grass protection mats are ideal for use in children’s play areas, walkways, paddocks, gardens and other outdoor areas that are prone to wear and tear. The mats are designed to protect the root of the grass against damage which is common in areas that are used frequently. Along with its great protective qualities, it also provides a soft, cushioned surface underfoot.

Our 23mm protection mats have been tested by Rapra to BS EN 1177:1998, for a critical fall height of 3.3m. This makes them great for use around children’s play equipment, giving you total peace of mind in the event of any trips or falls. The 16mm mats are also tested to a fall height of 1m.

Grass Protection Mats are a firm favourite for many applications as they are quick and easy to install whilst remaining low maintenance. The structure of the mat allows the grass to grow through naturally so they’re in keeping with the surrounding area. This unique structure also means that they become almost invisible to the eye and grass can be mowed, seeded, treated and maintained as usual.

If our mats are too heavy, you may want to consider Grass Mesh which comes in three grades and is designed to protect the root of the plant in order to avoid damage on regularly used grassed areas. You may also want to consider our Accessories for Grass Protection and Reinforcement products.

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