Rubber Tile – Black


  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Vibrant colours
  • Size 500x500x30mm
  • Helps prevent slips, trips & falls
  • Critical fall height rated to 1m
  • Simple installation process
Usually delivered within 3-5 working days
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1 Panel1 Panel1m²1m²

Manufactured from recycled rubber, our precast rubber tiles are a fantastic way to cover a large area with a soft, durable and easy to maintain surface. Useful in a whole range of different settings including home, school or workplace, these mats can be used to offer comfort, safety or aesthetics.

Boasting a critical fall height rating of 1 metre, these play mats are great for use around low-level playground equipment such as swings, roundabouts or trim trails. They’re also a brilliant way to create a tarmac-effect surface without the weight or cost of real tarmacadam, making them a popular choice as a balcony, flat roof or terrace tile.

Available in three colours, the tiles can be laid in a number of different configurations to create patterns or shapes.

Applications & Uses

Playground Flooring

Kids are some of the most accident-prone beings which means they need to most protection from accidents and incidents. Our rubber playground flooring mats have a critical fall height rating of up to 1 metre, which helps to protect from serious harm when falling from a distance of one metre.

This safety aspect, along with their ease-of-cleaning and vibrant colour makes these tiles a great choice to create safe and exciting playground flooring surfaces. They can simply be bonded together and/or to the existing surface to quickly transform any space for children to play.

Rubber Balcony Tiles

As more and more homeowners and landlords are trying to maximise their space, flat roofs are becoming more common once more. Our rubber mats can be used to transform the look of an area as well as them helping to improve the thermal and acoustic efficiency of the building they are laid on top of.

To help allow water to drain and move around on top of the flat roof, there are drainage channels on the back side of the mats which will allow water to move into guttering or roof-drains.

Rubber Patio Tiles

Traditionally, patios have been constructed using concrete slabs, flagstones or loose gravel to offer an area of hardstanding in a garden, usually where a dining table or sofa set would be. As years have gone on, more people have found benefit in creating a patio using rubber patio tiles as they are extremely low-maintenance, long-lasting and look fantastic.

With a really simple installation method, 20+ year life expectancy (even in sub-zero conditions) and requiring practically zero maintenance, why not consider replacing and rejuvenating your existing tired patio with our rubber equivalent.

Additional information

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Installation Guide

What are rubber tiles suitable for?


These mats are suitable for low level children's play equipment, roof tiles, balcony flooring, gym flooring and more. Please contact us on live chat if you are unsure or need any advice on suitability.

How many mats do I need to cover my area?


We have added an area calculator which works out the area of a rectangular or square shape and the number of mats which will be required to cover that space.

If you have a complex shape or any other requirement, please get in touch with us on live chat.

Are these mats interlocking?


We supply these mats with plastic connecting pegs to help assist you in their installation. Due to manufacturing tolerances, we cannot guarantee the sucess of using these plastic interlocking pegs and we recommend that mats are bonded together and/or to the surface.

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