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Lawn Edging | Plastic edging products for lawns, borders and flowerbeds

MatsGrids’ range of edging systems are suitable for all landscaping projects to create division between flower beds and borders. Our wide range of decorative border edgings include;

Made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. RecoEdge is a decorative border edging that is used to separate borders, paths, lawns and many more areas around a garden. Its most common use is to create a separation from the lawn to flower beds or water features. The ease of laying along with the attractiveness of the product makes it the perfect product for any sort of separation. It does require RecoStakes (sold separately) to be fixed approximately every 1 meter along the edging.

Ideally laid on a sheet of membrane and covered in decorative gravel this edging is a more simplistic looking black border that gives a defined edge between two surface finishes. Here is an example of how the GeoBorder can be used, separating a gravel path from grass, read our GeoBorder blog post. This edging is fixed into place using GeoBorder Nails (sold separately) with around 6 nails being used per linear meter. To see how the border is laid and fixed into place watch this video showing the installation of GeoBorder edging.

Next is our Roll Of Black Plastic Edging, this is made from 100% recycled black plastic. It is sold in 15 meter lengths and 125mm thick, which provides a strong edging to separate and protect your lawn and flower beds. The edging is very simple to install too, simply dig a small trench, lay the edging in the trench and backfill the area until the edging is secure. The black roll is also strimmer proof which means you can simply cut your grass without worrying about damaging the edging or trying to create a straight edge. As it is made of plastic, it will not rot or rust and will leave your garden looking clean and tidy.

Finally is our Roll Of Green Plastic Edging, this is made from green crimpled plastic. It is strong, rot proof and has a fantastic life span. This edging isn’t just for looks, this is used mainly to protect your lawn or flower beds from any damage or erosion that could occur throughout the year. The edging is corrugated, which gives it additional strength and flexibility, meaning it can be laid in even the hardest to reach of places. It does not require nails, however around 80mm of soil needs to be dug out where this will stand.

If you have any questions regarding our edgings, please do get in touch either through live chat or the contact us page.

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