TruckPaver & Grass Paving Grids

TruckPaver is the Ultimate grass paving surface for Lorries and Coach Parks.

A more eco-friendly and lightweight alternative to traditional GrassCrete type products, our range of  truck grass paving grids  are suitable for the creation of most types of HGV (heavy goods vehicle) parking or access roadway. SUDS compliant and with a high percentage of open structure, our grass pavers create the ideal lorry surface.

Designed to be filled with soil and seeded to create a naturally growing, green surface green roadway, our permeable grass pavers can also be used for pavements or embankments around the roadway areas. Available in three thicknesses: TP40 (40mm), TP60 (60mm) and TP80 (80mm) there’s a TruckPaver product suitable for your application.

Manufactured from recycled plastic our ground reinforcement grass pavers, when filled with soil and seeded create a naturally growing grass surface in a very strong surface which is suitable for access roadways, car parking area, embankments, site access routes for all types of Heavy goods vehicles.

Our SUDS compliant eco-friendly plastic permeable paving systems and grids are perfect for ground protection of grass, gravel & stone.

If you need any help in selecting a product or are struggling to find something, our friendly and knowledgeable customer sales team are happy to help. You can get in touch by visiting our Contact Us page or call 01246 589092.