Garden Edging

Garden Edging | Our range of edging products will help to create strong and beautiful divisions between the flower beds, lawns, paths and patios in your garden. 

Garden edging can be used for a wide range of applications including: edging grassed areas and lawns, creating a straight edge for use alongside paving systems such as X-Grid®, separating flower beds from other areas, retaining bark or gravel at the edges of borders and creating tree pits.

Why Should I Use Edging in my Garden?

Our extensive range of edgings will help to transform your ideas into reality and aid you in ensuring your garden looks beautiful. Our products are cost-effective, decorative and easy to install. Whether your looking for an edging which can simply roll against your lawn to create the perfect edge, or if you desire a curved effect, our edging range gives you complete flexibility over the shape of your border. They help gardeners to create their own landscaped garden without any crumbly edges or grass growing out of its boundaries.

Our Geoborder range is a straight lawn edging which is interlocking and can be contoured to fit your needs. This one metre long edging allows you to have a beautiful seamless border at whatever length you require, with it’s simple construction it can be installed to create the perfect straight line or curved edge to create shaped borders which have clean, sharp and decorative edges. The geoborder is secured into the ground using plastic nails (sold separately in packs of 10) and we recommend using six of the nails per linear metre.

Our EcoLat decorative edging range is a product made from 100% post-consumer plastic. It is used as a separation tool between paths, lawns, flower beds, gravel patches and more. We have found EcoLat is most commonly used to separate lawns from flowers beds. As well as looking great, this edging is easy to install making it the best edging product for almost all projects. To secure EcoLat into the ground simply put in place and fix approximately every 1 meter along the edging an EcoPic (sold separately). Watch our YouTube video to see How to Install EcoLat.

Take a look through our wide range, if you need any assistance in deciding which product would be best for your project or you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist sales team.

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