Rubber Gym Mats & Gym Flooring

Rubber Gym Mats | Mats & Flooring for Gyms, Home Gyms, Weight Rooms, Yoga and Dance Studios and much more.

Made from 100% fully recycled rubber, our Gym Matting and Flooring are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they are heavy duty and carry non-slip qualities. As well as being strong, the mats are easy to handle and very simple to install thanks to the interlocking pegs and holes on two sides of each mat.

Why Use Rubber Gym Mats?

Our gym mats are a fantastic solution to any gym or home gym flooring issue. Whilst being robust enough to withstand the punishment some workouts can bestow on the floor below, our mats are also soft enough to reduce fatigue and the risk of shin-splints and at the same time repelling moisture and any odours to keep the hygiene levels of your gym high.

How To Install Gym Mats?

Our mats are very easy to install. Simply clear the room/area where your gym mats are to be installed. Ensure the existing floor is clean. Lay your mats out and connect neighbouring mats together using the slot and peg system which is present on two sides of each mat. If the gym mats do not fit flush against a wall, they can be cut to size using a standard Stanley knife. Repeat this process until every mat is in position and connected together.

You can see how a past customer has used our Rubber Gym Mats to create a custom home gym in his garage:

Rubber Gym Mats Used To Create A Home Gym