Rubber Balcony Flooring

Rubber Balcony Flooring | Recycled rubber tiles for balconies, verandas, promenades & terraces

MatsGrids’ range of balcony flooring is suitable for almost all outdoor areas requiring an easy to install, soft yet robust, maintenance free and attractive rubber surface.

Why Use Rubber Tiles For My Balcony?

Using our rubber tiles as the flooring for your balcony or other outdoor area will carry many fantastic benefits that other flooring solutions will not give you. Our rubber tiles are soft so can be walked on barefoot. They are weather resistant so will not rot after being exposed to water or be affected by extreme hot and cold temperatures. The tiles are interlocking so will not separate when walked on and are easy to install with or without using rubber adhesive.

How To Install Rubber Balcony Tiles

Our rubber balcony flooring tiles are easy to install and large areas can be covered in a small amount of time. Cover all of the existing flooring with an adhesive membrane to create a waterproof layer under your tiles and ensure the under flooring cannot be damaged by sitting surface water. On top of the membrane lay one tile at a time and connect your neighbouring tiles together using the interlocking pegs included, it is not absolutely necessary but you can use a suitable adhesive to stick your mats to the membrane. The tiles can be installed with or without adhesive and will perform excellently either way.

Are These Rubber Balcony Tiles Suitable For My Flooring?

Yes. Not only will these tiles be a great solution for your balcony flooring but can also become a suitable terrace tile, promenade tile and so much more. Their benefits, as mentioned earlier make them a versatile product for use on many indoor and outdoor flooring projects where a soft yet solid floor is required.