Anti Fatigue Mats

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Anti Fatigue Matting to increase comfort and reduce injuries. Suitable for a wide range of uses.

Anti fatigue rubber matting provides the user with comfort from cold, hard floors – all around the home.

These comfortable and cosy kitchen mats can compliment almost any kitchen, cellar, garage or workshop.

The hard-wearing, lightweight, cushioned anti-fatigue matting provides insulation from cold concrete floors.

The mats are easy to fit, are interlocking and can take on any shape or limitless size.

Rubber floor mats are naturally slip resistant , increasing safety around the home.

How do anti-fatigue mats work?

Anti-fatigue mats work by encouraging foot movement, as the feet adapt to the cushioned surface. When we move, muscles in feet and calves expand and contract, pumping blood back to the heart.

This means that anti-fatigue mats create a healthier and more comfortable standing location for the users for long periods of time, with proven results.

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