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Define the parking zones using our Parking Delineators.

Markers for car parking spaces are essential to give gravel car parking or grass parking some boundaries and guidance on where to drive or park. As we supply different products which may be parked on, including the X-Grid® and TurfMesh products, we offer two types of delineator. 

The X-Grid® delineator is designed to fit into the circular cells of the grid to mark out straight lines for pathways and parking bays and is easily inserted and removed from the grid installation.

The mesh delineators have an integral spike which pushes or is malleted into the ground and the anti-pull wings help to prevent them from being pulled out by friction from car tyres or ground movement.

If you are unsure of how many delineators you may need for your project, please get in touch with our technical sales team using the details in the Contact Us page.