Grass Protection Meshes

Our Grass Protection Mesh is suitable for Lightweight to Medium use

MatsGrids are experts within the grass protection industry and our products are certainly a reflection of our knowledge.

Our GrassMesh range is hard-wearing, durable and suitable for use on any kind of grassed area which is to be used by pedestrians, cyclists, animals or garden machinery. GrassMesh is not suitable for use in areas used by vehicles; for this application, you should take a look at our TurfMesh range. If you’re looking to extend the life of a lawned area like a playground, path, golf course, or any other green zone coping with regular pedestrian traffic, it could certainly benefit from the installation of one of our Grass Mesh products.

GrassMesh comes in three grades and is designed to protect the root of the plant in order to avoid damage on regularly used grassed areas. Our three grades cover many applications from light, infrequent pedestrian use, to heavy-duty protection against daily use from pedestrians, machinery and pets.

GrassMesh is safe to use in all weathers and the fact that all of our grass protection products are SUDS compliant ensures the effective drainage of surface water, protecting green areas from flooding.

Our mesh protection range is so discreet, users will barely notice, while you can rest assured that your grass is protected from erosion caused by regular traffic use. Another simply brilliant characteristic is that it won’t make your grass treatment any more difficult, in fact, you can treat, feed, fertilise and mow your grass as normal.

For more information about our product range, click below, or feel free to get in touch with a member of our sales team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise of the most suitable products for your needs.

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