Porous Paving Grids

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Porous Paving Grids retain Gravel and allow Water permeability

Our porous paving grids are the perfect solution for any gravelled or grassed area in need of some added strength and durability. Our porous X-Grid pavers are made from 100% recycled plastic, and consequently very lightweight and easy to transport, and can withstand compression of up to 420 tonnes per square metre.

With long serviceable life, their durable make-up and weather resistance is even more of an advantage as it means these specialist grids are suitable for all manner of applications. You can use our X-Grid products for everything from strengthening driveways and preventing gravel migration to ensuring a turfed area is able to deal with the distress of vehicular use on a temporary or regular basis.

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of X-Grid permeable panels is their SuDS compliance which is highly favourable with planning departments due to their eco-friendly impacts. The cellular design of X-Grid ensures water can flow freely through and around each panel, so as to reduce the risk of flooding, which makes them the perfect alternative to both tarmac and concrete.

X-Grid porous paving grids are easy to put together with a simple interlocking design and fit well with any environment.

If you think this could be the product for you, take a more detailed look at our product pages below. If you are looking for heavy good vehicle grass paving visit this page.

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