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Gravel Filled X-Grid® To Create A Parking Space For A Motorhome

This case study comes from Paul who had recently upgraded from a touring caravan and bought a motorhome. His caravan was stored at the back of a concrete driveway on an area of gravel with paving slabs under the wheels, legs and jockey wheel. However, his new motorhome is much heavier than the caravan and subsequently the slabs would move and break under the weight of the vehicle and the back wheels would sink when reversing onto the gravelled area. Read on to see how Paul solved the issue he was facing:

The Project

Paul began searching online for a suitable product that could either sit on top of his gravel or be filled with gravel and support his very heavy motorhome. Not long after his initial search, Paul found our website and our X-Grid® which he began researching further. He discovered that X-Grid® can withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre, can be used unfilled or filled, can be installed onto a solid gravel sub-base, is easy to install and can be used as soon as it has been laid.

Paul was so impressed that he ordered 10m² of X-Grid® the same day. His order was processed and arrived with him just a few working days later via courier in four easy to manage packages. Continue reading to see how Paul installed his X-Grid:

The Project
X-Grid is delivered in a few days and is easy to install.

Installing The X-Grid® Parking Space

On the day of installation Paul unpacked his X-Grid®, took out all of the necessary tools and set to work installing a new gravel parking space for his motorhome.

Paul talked us through his installation process:

“I dug down to around 50mm into the existing gravel in the shape of where the vehicles wheels would be driving or parked.

From here I ensured the ground was level and solid before laying my X-Grid® 4 panels at a time (You can see this in the photos in this blog). I connected each group of panels together using the connecting system which was very easy to use.

With the X-Grid® in place I began backfilling the grid with the gravel I had previously removed. The total area was approximately 10 sq metres and the entire job took less than 4 hours to complete!”

An effective installation made simple with the use of X-Grid® and Paul was able to park his motorhome as soon as he was finished which would not have been possible had he chosen to use concrete or tarmac.

Installing The X-Grid® Parking Space
X-Grid is installed following excavation and levelling the ground.
Installing The X-Grid® Parking Space
X-Grid panels are connected and backfilled with gravel to produce a tidy finish.


A big thank you to Paul for using our X-Grid® and for sharing the photos and details of his installation to allow us to create this case study. Paul’s gravel parking space looks great and will serve him and his Motorhome very well for years to come!

Paul told us: “X-Grid® was  perfect for my application. X-Grid® is a far cheaper, easier to install and aesthetically pleasingly solution compared to concrete or Tarmac. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome!”

If like Paul, you have some images and information of your project to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us!

X-Grid: conclusion
The customer was delighted with the outcome.

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