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20m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Extension – Customer Case Study

This case study comes from Adam, he was looking to extend his current bricked driveway to create another parking space. Although the existing half was brick, Adam wanted to create a gravel parking space as it would be strong yet simple for him to install alone. The extra parking space in front of his home would be mainly used by visitors as the road he lives on can get very busy.

“We have a drive for two cars but wanted more space for visitors as the road can be quite busy.”

Read on to see what products Adam used to create his gravel driveway:

Choosing X-Grid®

Adam began searching online for a suitable product for his project and told us this:

“I decided the easiest way to extend my driveway was to gravel it, but I was conscious that gravel often moves. I therefore set about looking for a product to prevent gravel migration and that could take the weight of a car.

I read a few blogs and stumbled across MatsGrids and was impressed by the X-Grid® and what previous customers had said. I therefore ordered 20 square metres worth. The product was dispatched the same day and arrived promptly.”

Read on find out how Adam installed his X-Grid®:

Choosing X-Grid®
X-Grid add stability to the gravel driveway.

Installing X-Grid® Driveway

With his X-Grid® now at his home, Adam could begin his installation.

He began by measuring out his driveway and marking this out using string before using wooden sleepers to create a border system to keep the sub-base, X-Grid® and gravel in place once installed. From here, Adam started digging down and removing a small layer of the existing ground which left exposed a stone, concrete and soil mixed flooring. Next, Adam laid a good amount of dolomite rock to cover the entire area before levelling as well as he could using an Antique Garden Roller which you can see in the photos.

On top of the dolomite, Adam then laid a layer of membrane and sharp sand to finish off the sub-base on which the X-Grid® would sit. The sand was levelled again using his garden roller. A good sub-base is important when installing X-Grid® as the base will support the grids and allow it to perform to its fullest capacity whilst still allowing water to drain away naturally and reduce the chances of flooding.

With the sub-base complete, Adam began installing his X-Grid®. Starting in one corner, Adam laid one panel at a time and connected each piece of grid together as he went along using the specially designed slot and peg system. He repeated this process of laying one piece and connecting each neighbouring panel together until the full area was filled which was a very quick process.

Finally, with the X-Grid® laid all that was left to do was for Adam to fill the area with decorative gravel. We estimate that around 8kg of gravel is required to fill each panel so 72kg of gravel is needed to fill a metre square. Adam finished filling his grid in no time and could start parking his car on his new gravel driveway as soon as he wanted!

Installing X-Grid® Driveway
X-Grid could be installed easily.
Installing X-Grid® Driveway
X-Grid was laid one piece at a time before they were connected.


Adam was and still is very pleased with his new gravel driveway extension, he now has a strong and decorative extra parking space outside his home which he installed all by himself in just one day! We think it looks amazing and he should be very proud of the work he has completed.

Adam told us: “Product is fantastic and so easy to manipulate and fit. Thank you for a great product and great customer service.”

If you have photos of your installation to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

X-Grid: conclusion
MatsGrids customer service impressed.

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