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Installing a 22m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway

This case study comes from Matt who was looking to transform an area in front of his garden from grass into a strong and decorative gravel driveway. He needed a product that would stop gravel migration, support his car and was not difficult to install or required a lot of curing time like concrete. Matt started searching online for a suitable product or method to solve the project he was faced with, read on to see what Matt decided to do:

The Project

After a bit of browsing online Matt came across our website and our black X-Grid® product. He began reading up on the benefits of X-Grid® such as being able to hold gravel and stopping migration, able to withstand up to 420 tonnes, being easy to install and being usable as soon as it has been installed.

Matt was so impressed with the X-Grid® that he ordered 22m² the same day. His order was processed and arrived with him 3 working days later.

Matt told us: “I discovered MatsGrids through their “laying a gravel driveway” blog. We were wanted something that was going to be strong and keep the gravel in place. Purchasing everything in meters was pretty easy and the delivery was quick. Once delivered, the X-Grid® waited in the garage for a few weeks as the weather delayed the work.”

X-Grid: The Project
X-Grid is strong and keeps the gravel in place.

Installing X-Grid® Driveway

Matt talked us through his installation which went as follows:

“We started this in April 2018, removing the grass and soil by hand to ensure that we didn’t hit anything like a pipes or cables.  Digging took longer than expected due to the continually rain and other weekend commitments, so we had a muddy mess for a few weeks.

The area is about 20 meters in an irregular shape (at least that what it measured out at). We used a metal edging (Everedge) to act as a border between the drive area, our neighbours lawn and the flowerbed.

We dug down to about 100mm and used a base of Mot Type 1, compacted it using wacker plate to about 50mm depth. Then put down a membrane with a layer of sand to cover (about 10mm) before laying the X-Grid®.

The X-Grid® was easy to lay, clips together nicely and took about 2 to 3 hours to do including all of the small fiddly bits around the edge of the borders. Cutters was the main tool used with a hacksaw needed on some sections which were not suitable for the cutters.

Finally we filled the X-Grid® with gravel – as this was for the cars we used a basic gravel that looked nice but functional. We used an unwashed gravel initially which has been cleaned with the rain.”

Installing X-Grid® Driveway
The ground was excavated and a membrane layer was added.
Installing X-Grid® Driveway
X-Grid was easy to install and it was then filled with gravel.


Matt was and still is very pleased with his new gravel driveway. We all agree that his new gravel driveway looks amazing and will provide a solid parking space for years to come. A big thank you to Matt for using our X-Grid® and for sharing the details & photos of his project to allow us to create this case study.

To share information and images of your project with us or if you have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

X-Grid: conclusion
X-Grid produces an attractive finish to the gravel driveway.

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