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Grass Reinforcement TurfMesh – Used To Park A Motorhome On Grass

This case study comes from a customer, Barry, who contacted us earlier this year after struggling to park his motorhome on the 1/5 acre field adjacent to his home due to wet weather. Barry needed a solution as his tyres had been constantly skidding and at one point his motorhome had been towed out of the field. Read on to see what Barry used to solve his problem:


After being towed out of the field, Barry began searching for a groundworks product that would prevent the reoccurrence of skidding on or getting stuck in mud. This is when he came across our website and our Grass Reinforcement Meshes Category. After looking through each product, Barry decided that the TurfMesh 1800 would be the ideal product. TM1800 is able to take HGV’s so would be strong enough to support his motorhome.

The same day he found our site, Barry ordered two 1m x 10m TurfMesh 1800 rolls along with some Green Plastic Anti-Pull Anchor Pegs.

Grass Reinforcement TurfMesh: The Project
TurfMesh can withstand the weight of large vehicles including HGVs and motorhomes.


Barry received his TurfMesh and Pegs just a few working days later and set to work straight away.

Barry took the rolls to his field and began his installation. He measured the distance between his motorhome wheels and marked out in the grass where the two mesh rolls needed to be installed. On the two marked areas, Barry rolled out the mesh a small amount at a time and secured it into the ground using his green anchor pegs to ensure the mesh will not move when driven or walked on. Barry repeated this until both rolls were flat and secured into the ground. He told us that this was a simple installation and was effective immediately.

TurfMesh was the perfect product for Barry’s needs thanks to its strength and due to it’s non slip capabilities meaning his motorhome would be suitably supported and there will be no chance of the tyres skidding or slipping.

Grass Reinforcement TurfMesh: Work
TM1800 was easy to set up and use.


Barry was and still is very pleased with his new TurfMesh parking system. He was so impressed that he ordered two more 1m x 10m Rolls to fill a larger area of the field.

Barry told us “Our project was to provide egress for our motorhome. We are very impressed with the TurfMesh we ordered.”

A huge thank you to Barry for using our TurfMesh and for sending in the photos and information to allow us to create this case study. Should you have an questions regarding any of  our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Grass Reinforcement TurfMesh: conclusion
Barry was so impressed he ordered more.

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