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X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Installation

When creating a gravel driveway for yourself or someone else there are a number of potential issues to take into account. Firstly being gravel retention, without the correct product to keep the gravel in place there is no doubt that there will be a whole lot of migration where gravel will need to be swept back onto the drive weekly. Second being strength, is the gravel alone strong enough to support the car or will the car simply sink when driving on, if you decide to use a retention grid you need to ensure that the grid is strong enough to support a car too without breaking. Third is permeability, will your gravel and grid driveway stop water from draining away and potentially lead to flooding or will water be able to drain away naturally. Our strong X-Grid® gravel retention and permeable gravel driveway grid solves all of those potential problems. Read on to see what issues Ashley faced and what he used to overcome them.

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The Project

This case study comes from Ashley Thompson Garden Design who was looking to transform a customer’s driveway from brickwork to gravel. Without the correct retention grid installed, the laid gravel will no doubt migrate and end up all over their front garden. As this was just one potential issue, Ashley began researching to find the best product for his and the customer’s needs which is when he found our website and X-Grid®. After reading up on the qualities our gravel retention grid – permeable, can hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm, weather resistant, lightweight and easy to install – he decided to order 85sqm to use on his customer’s driveway. Ashley qualified for free delivery and received his X-Grid® 3 working days later.

Read on to see how Ashley installed this new driveway;

Gravel Driveway; Project

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The Work

Ashley was working on this customer’s entire front garden but we will be mainly concentrating on the driveway installation. In the featured image you can see other parts of the garden Ashley created, he built and installed the Pergola to the left. He also laid the paving stones and installed the chair and table set towards the back of the photo.

Ash started the driveway by removing all of the existing brickwork from the current driveway. This left him with an empty area where the X-Grid® and gravel would be installed. However before he could do this he laid a small layer of hardcore which was then compacted down using a whacker plate to create a solid sub-base.

With the sub-base completed Ashley then began to lay a sheet of GeoTextile Membrane, membranes are used to create a barrier between the sub-base and the X-Grid® and Gravel. It acts as a barrier to stop weeds from growing up and through the gird whilst still allowing any water to drain away naturally and reducing the chance of flooding. The membrane is secured into the ground using Steel U-Pins to ensure that there is no movement when stepped on or if the wind blows before the rest of the driveway is properly installed.

With the membrane secured Ashley then started to lay the X-Grid® panels, he laid them one by one and simply attached them together using the specially designed slot and peg system. This was one of the easiest and fastest parts of the entire job Ashley told us. Ash filled the entire area with X-Grid® but had to cut some panels down to size which was very simply for him to do – and can be done easily with a normal handheld saw.

Finally, with the X-Grid® installed Ashley began filling the entire area with decorative gravel he bought from Jewson’s. Around 8kg’s of gravel are needed to fill each panel so a lot of gravel was required to fill the full area.

Gravel Driveway; Work

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Ashley and his customer were and still are incredibly pleased with the end result. A fantastic looking front garden with an amazing gravel driveway. The included photos are of the installation process Ash went through to create such a great driveway.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ashley for the photos and information he sent through to us and for using our X-Grid®! Should you have any photos to share with us or any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gravel Driveway; Conclusion

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    1. Hi Emma,

      Yes, X-Grid can be installed directly onto concrete but it will need a solid edging to surround it to prevent any movement

      Hope this helps.

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