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Taurus Gardening Ltd Create X-Grid Gravel Driveway

Transforming a Driveway with Natural gravel to create a fantastic looking driveway

As a permeable, SUDs compliant ground protection and reinforcement product X-Grid panels will maintain and encourage natural drainage while also strengthening gravel, grass and bark surfaces.

Deciding what to do with a lot of outside space is never easy, especially when it’s a driveway. When covering the entire area with one material you’re in danger of turning the space into something that resembles a car park, while splitting into too many sections can cause all practical uses to be lost.

Taurus Gardening X-Grid Gravel Driveway During1

For a large space, gravel is certainly the obvious choice for many as it’s easy to lay and maintain. However, gravel doesn’t come with its lack of concern for a homeowner as there’s the chance of a lack of drainage and also the inevitable gravel migration.

X-Grid is the perfect product for preventing these concerns. Each panel provides a surface which not only maintains but also encourages natural drainage routes. The construction of the grids also means they’re easy to pack tightly which results in a significant reduction of gravel migration.

Taurus Gardening X-Grid Gravel Driveway During

Taurus Gardening took on this Edinburgh based project and opted for a 345sqm combination of black and green X-Grid panels. The black panels were to be laid underneath the gravel surface and the green panels underneath a grass surround.

With the ground beneath being rather soft and wet, a protective membrane was required to cover both areas before the X-Grid panels could be put in place. Progress was quick and after just a few hours, all of the X-Grid panels had been fixed together and laid. After that, it was just down to the filling and as you can see in the completed picture on the right, the driveway itself is complete and the homeowners are just waiting for their grass seed to start growing through.

Taurus Gardening X-Grid Gravel Driveway Finished

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