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Fully Recycled Rubber Grass Mats: Not Just For Play Areas

We have shown multiple times before in our previous blogs, (Versatile Rubber Grass MatsUnlikely UsesTwo Different Uses For Rubber Grass Mats and Rubber Grass MatsA Playground Surface) that it seems as though our fully recycled Rubber Grass Mats have an unlimited number of uses. From being used in a garden under a swing set to being used at a workplace by a work bench. In this blog we shall be looking at four completely different uses for our grass mats to see how they were installed and what the customers think of them.

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Rubber Grass Mats

As one of the most popular products we currently supply, our fully recycled rubber grass mats are in constant demand all year round thanks to their many benefits.

Rubber Grass Mats:

Are lightweight and easy to install,
Non-Slip & Resistant to weather
Wheelchair Friendly & Made from 100% recycled rubber
Can be used as walkways, playground flooring or access routes and more,
Encourages natural drainage – reducing chances of flooding,
Allows the below grass to grow through and consequently become almost invisible,
Can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces
And have a critical fall height of 1m (16mm Mats) and 3.3m (23mm Mats).

Rubber Grass Mats
Rubber Grass Mats are easy to install.

Grass Mats One - Access Route

This case study comes from Dalco Services, a company who carry out construction work in and around London. This particular job was extending part of a school which involved taking over a busy pathway. In turn, all staff and students had to be redirected around the on going work and over a patch of grass to lead them back to the main school building. This was to ensure that no one could get close to the construction work and possibly injured.

However, crossing the grass (especially in wet weather) could result in dirty shoes/clothes and damaged grass, which is why Dalco decided to install a temporary path using our Rubber Grass Mats. The mats would provide a solid and non-slip surface on which everyone could walk to get between lessons.

The mats were installed by simply laying each mat end to end to form the path. Once laid in place, the mats were fastened together using cable ties and secured into the ground using plastic fixing pegs. We suggest that rubber grass mats are installed like this to ensure there is no movement when walked on and so the mats do not separate and expose any grass or mud below.

Dalco told us: “Delivery was as requested and the operatives were able to lay the matting with ease. We chose your grass mat product because of the size being correct and the price being reasonable”

Grass Mats One - Access Route
Grass Mats can be used as a temporary path.
Grass Mats One - Access Route
It is easy to lay the grass mats in place.

Grass Mats Two - Under Washing Line

The second case study comes courtesy of Peter who was looking for a simple solution to his issue of slippery turf under the washing line. Peter wanted a flooring that would be strong, non-slip and not damage the below grass. Peter had purchased products from us before so came straight to our website so see if we had a product so suit him, which we did. Peter ordered the mats and received them the next working day via DPD.

Peter set straight to work and laid the rubber grass mats from the path to the end of the washing line and fastened the mats together using cable ties. From here, Peter used plastic fixing pegs to secure the mats in to the ground and ensure that the mats would not move at all when walked on. Another positive is during the summer, if Peter wanted, he could take up the rubber grass mats and store them until the following winter as they are so easy to move. A very simple installation and solution to Peter’s problem!

Peter told us “I have used MatsGrids before and I knew what I wanted, so I researched to find the relevant product. The mats were easy to lay and Yes I would recommend them to others.”

Grass Mats Two - Under Washing Line
Grass Mats can be situated under a washing line to reduce the risk of slipping.
Grass Mats Two - Under Washing Line
Peter had used MatsGrids before and would recommend to others.

Grass Mats Three - Changing Rooms

Our third case study comes from Alan, the Centre Manager of Pinkston Watersports in Glasgow. Alan had noticed that at the end of the day there would always be some water on the changing room floors that wouldn’t drain away unless swept and could be a potential slipping hazard throughout the day.

Alan decided to research to find a suitable non-slip flooring with holes in to allow surface water to still drain away which is when he came across our website and our rubber grass mats. Alan read up on the specification and benefits the rubber mats offered and decided to ordered enough to cover the floor under and around the changing room benches the same day. He received his mats just a few days later and was able to install them straight away.

Alan began his installation by moving all of the benches in the changing room and laying his new mats on the now exposed floor. He then tied the mats together using cable ties to ensure there would be no movement when walked on or knocked. To ensure the mats would not move, Alan placed the benches on top of the mats to weigh them down. With the benches and mats in place, the changing rooms could again be used with very little chance of anyone slipping! A quick and simple installation with effective results!

Grass Mats Three - Changing Rooms
Grass Mats are used in the changing rooms of Pinkston Watersports, Glasgow.
Grass Mats Three - Changing Rooms
The mats help with drainage and make the surface safe.

Grass Mats Four - Sheep Feeders & Bee Hives

Our final case study comes from Sheila who has been using rubber grass mats for years around her farm, especially during winter months. She uses the mats to allow her 10 sheep to gain a strong footing when at their feeders and when entering or leaving their shelter (photos to the right) as most of her land is sloping and becomes very slippery when wet and icy. Once spring arrives, she can take up all of the mats, clean them down and store them until next winter. Sheila also uses the mats around her apiary where she keeps her bees (photos below), the mats sit on top of a weed controlling membrane to keep it in place and provide a non-slip surface which can be easily lifted and cleaned when required.

Sheila told us: ” The mats give the sheep confidence where the below solid matting can become slippery when wet on sloping ground. When Spring comes I take them all up, clean them and store them for the next winter. As for the bees, I can easily lift them when I need to sweep up leaves and debris after the Autumn fall.

I have used rubber grass mats over many years but do need to replace them from time to time, and finally found yours which are great value.”

Grass Mats Four - Sheep Feeders & Bee Hives
Rubber Grass Mat's non-slip features have improved confidence in the sheep when accessing food.
Grass Mats Four - Sheep Feeders & Bee Hives
Rubber Grass Mats are used for bee hives and are suitable for a number of years' use.


As you have seen from the above examples, our fully recycled rubber grass mats are a fantastic product with uses you may have ever even thought of. All of the customers featured in this blog are very pleased with the mats and how they have performed. You can see how more customers have used the mats by reading all of our rubber grass mats blogs.

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to allow us to create this fantastic blog showcasing our rubber grass mats. For more information on how our grass mats or other products could help you in an upcoming project or solve an issues then do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact us page.

Fully Recycled Rubber Grass Mats: Conclusion
Rubber Grass Mats are recommended for a wide number of uses.

6 Replies to “Fully Recycled Rubber Grass Mats: Not Just For Play Areas

  1. We are looking for a rubber matting to place on a grass slope that allows the grass to grow through the measurements approximately 1M x 6m
    And do you deliver to Guernsey in the Channel Islands

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. We are able to deliver to Guernsey.

      Our rubber grass mats may be suitable but due to the slope you mentioned, it would be best to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. Please call us on 01246 589092 or LiveChat via the website and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

    1. Hi Don,

      Thanks for your comment. You can learn more about our Rubber Grass Mats and see the price for each in the Rubber Grass Mat category on our website.

      Hope this helps. If you have any more questions or would like some advice on your upcoming project, please call us on 01246 589092 or LiveChat with us via the website.

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