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80m² X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation

This latest case study comes from Carl, who was looking to create a permeable drive in front of his own home. However, due to his driveway being located on a slope he needed a gravel retention grid that would keep the gravel in place, support cars and be permeable too. Carl decided to research online for the best grid, read on to see which product he decided on:


Carl began searching online for a suitable gravel driveway grid and soon came across our website and our fully recycled X-Grid® panels. After reading up on its many benefits such as:

Being made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic waste
Able to hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm
Delivered in m² panels so large areas can be installed easily
Easy to install thanks to slot and peg connecting system
UV & Weather resistant

Carl ordered 80m² of X-Grid® the same day and once paid for were dispatched and delivered just 3 working days later. Arriving by pallet at his home, Carl was able to begin his installation as soon as he was ready.

80m² X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation: The Project
X-Grid is easy to install and delivered in panels that can cover any sized area.


To begin his project, Carl hired a landscape contractor to remove the existing material and lay the sub-base on which the X-Grid® would be installed. Whilst this was being completed, Carl went to a local builders merchant and ordered some gravel bulk bags to be delivered on the day he planned to install his grid.

With his sub-base complete, Carl could start installing his X-Grid. As they are delivered in m² panels when sent by pallet, Carl was able to lay his large area in no time at all. He told us it was simple to connect each piece together too thanks to the slot and peg system. At certain points of the drive, the panels needed to be cut with a jigsaw to fit correctly which again was easy enough to do. Carl continued this procedure until the entire area was covered.

Finally, with the grid now installed, all that was left to do was for Carl to back fill the entire area with his decorative gravel. We estimate that around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each single panel so you can roughly work out how much you will need to fill your required area. With the area now filled, all Carl had to do was park his car!

80m² X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation: Work
X-Grid was simple to connect together using a slot and peg system.


Carl is very pleased with his new decorative and permeable gravel driveway and we agree it looks fantastic. A huge thank you to him for sharing the images and information to allow us to create this case study.

Carl told us: “Because of the pre-assembled I was able to lay 80m2 of grid for my driveway on my own in just one morning.  The slotting system was very easy to use, and cutting the grid was simple with a jigsaw when required.

I would definitely recommend MatsGrids and X-Grid®, our landscape contractor who laid the Sub-base was very impressed and has now ordered from MatsGrids also.”

If you have any photos of your project to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

80m² X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation: conclusion
Carl was impressed with how he was able to set up X-Grid on his own and would recommend us.

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