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What is X-Grid suitable for?


Our plastic X-Grid panels can hold up to 420 tonnes per square metre. They are suitable for driveways, pathways, car parks, garden bases, golf courses, equestrian areas and much more. Please contact us on live chat if you are unsure.

How many X-Grid panels make up 1m²?


X-Grid panels are 33cm x 33cm. So 9 panels are connected together to make 1m² (nominal).

Is there a difference between Black, Green and White X-Grid?


No, they are exactly the same product (apart from of course the colour).

White X-Grid has been designed and manufactured following demand from the highly popular black variant, purely from an aesthetics point of view. Manufactured in Yorkshire from 100% UK-sourced recycled plastic, X-Grid can help you to create a solid, durable and permeable surface for a huge number of applications including gravel driveways, paths, caravan or camping hardstanding, around golf courses as buggy tracks or in the bottom of sand traps, and even around airfields as taxiways.

X-Grid is a lightweight, strong and eco-friendly alternative to concrete or tarmac surfaces which can be laid at a phenomenal speed without the need for specialist tools or knowhow. Usually a preferred type of surfacing by local authorities, planners and specifiers alike, you can rest assured that X-Grid will create a reliable surface for use all year round, for decades to come.

Applications & Uses

Plastic Paving Grids

Our X-Grid range of plastic paving grids is one of the most versatile ground reinforcement products available on the UK market. It can be used in such a huge number of applications and settings that it would be impossible to list them all!

Each panel interlocks, which means you can create a solid and durable surface of practically any size, from a garden path of just a few feet wide, to covering areas the size of a football field. Made from 100% recycled plastic, X-Grid is as lightweight as it is strong, weighing only 5kg per m² but capable of withstanding over 420 tonnes of compression, even when unfilled.

X-Grid White - Gravel Fill Closeup

Gravel Grids

Designed to stand up to the effects of weather such as frosts, immune to the effects of UV rays and high climatic temperatures, X-Grid helps to make your surface useful all year round, while still being able to customise the aesthetics of your project to suit your individual needs.

Concrete and tarmac are traditionally regarded as the best types of material to create hardstanding areas, but these are falling out of favour as they generally are available in only one colour and texture, as well as not having the eco-friendly credentials X-Grid can boast.

Permeable Paving Grids

As we are seeing the effects of climate change worsen, flash floods are becoming increasingly more common. With a boom in the housing sector, as well as accelerated building programmes for commercial and industrial buildings, less and less land is permeable and there’s a greater reliance on sewerage systems to deal with excess rainfall and surface water run off.

X-Grid is over 90% open space and when filled with gravel, allows surface water and rainfall to pass through the surface and soak away into the ground below naturally. This helps to keep surface water and rainfall away from the sewer network and deal with the water at its source, rather than pushing it to an already at-or-over-capacity drain system.

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X-Grid Tech & Installation Guide

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