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Permeable Paving Grid – Let’s Get This Project Started

Parking lots, pathways and driveways, Oh my! Permeable paving grid has you covered which ever project you choose. Permeable paving is a great add on to your list of things to get for your outdoor projects. Permeable paving grids are made from 100 % recycled polyolefin.  The permeable paving grids have been created to be a lightweight durable, weatherproof permeable paving solution.

The permeable paving grids come in three cool colours; black, green and natural. Add a little flare to your next outdoor project. Create a cool design in the driveway or make a neat pattern in the parking lot. You can even add a spot of style to your garden walkway. Let your imagination run wild.

Our permeable paving grid is lightweight and dependable yet strong enough to support 350 loadbearing capacity per m2. The permeable paving grids have compression strength of up to 10 tonnes axle load which is in accordance with Din 1072.  No worries when it comes to driving on or parking those heavy vehicles on your lawn when you use the permeable paving grids.

Fill the permeable paving grids with your choice of gravel or soil and grass seed to make your project stand out from the rest. No matter what you choose to fill your permeable paving grid with you won’t have to stress over refilling the permeable paving grids with gravel or soil and grass seed. The unique design of the permeable paving grids prevents the gravel or soil and grass seed from washing away and eroding. This will save you money so you can start another outdoor project.

When it comes to quick, easy and seamless installation, you can’t go wrong with the permeable paving grids. The permeable paving grids have a simple snap and lock interlocking system to ensure the installation is fast and easy. Simply place the edge of one of the permeable paving grids over the edge of another permeable paving grid and click. You are all set.  Installing the permeable paving grids is so easy that it should take one person about an hour to set up 100 square meters. How’s that for easy and quick?

Permeable paving grids are eco-friendly which is great for Mother Nature. The permeable paving grids are a great replacement option for your outdoor projects. Unlike the usage of asphalt and concrete for your walkways, parking lots or driveways the permeable paving grids won’t crack or buckle over time. Great news for your wallet because who doesn’t like to save money.

You have all this great information right here in this article in regards to the permeable paving grids. All you need to do is pick a project. What project are you going to use the permeable paving grids for…A driveway with a flower border and a crisscross pattern, a parking lot that is multi-coloured or maybe a walkway with a gravel and soil and grass seed design? The choice is yours. You may even choose the permeable paving grids to make all these dreams come true.

Just a few reminders of the features you get when you choose the permeable paving grids. The permeable paving grids are eco-friendly, lightweight, UV and weather resilient and won’t break down over time. Permeable paving grids are sturdy and dependable and strong enough to park even your heavy vehicles on. Let’s get this project started.

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3 Replies to “Permeable Paving Grid – Let’s Get This Project Started

  1. I want to support a car on a gravel driveway with a small slope.
    Can your grid go straight into dirt or do I need to dig out to a depth and then lay mot1 or scalpings. If so to what depth. 150mm? If so Any advice on how compacted it needs to be. I guess I will need to use a whacker plate. It is only a total of 15 square meters being two strips. Do I need to run an edging in. Either side there will be some more gravel that is not driven on. Or is the edge of your grid stable on its own. Any advice greatfully received.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your comment. I will have a member of our sales team send you an email as soon as possible.


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