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Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Garden Playarea

With safety the top priority for most parents it can be hard to decide what products would work best for you. With price, quality, ease of use and safety all points that need to be considered you could say it’s almost impossible to decide what to use. Sameer in our latest case study was facing the same dilemma with his sons playarea before he found our site, read on to see what product he chose and what he thought of it!

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The Project

This case study comes from Sameer who was searching for a flooring to sit beneath his son’s swing and slide set. He needed a flooring that would be strong enough to support the playarea, would be weather proof to survive the winter and also cushion any falls that may take place. After searching online for suitable solutions he found our website and began browsing our products to see if any would be suitable for their needs. Which is when he stumbled up on our Grass Protection Mats category and our Rubber Grass Mats. The fully recycled mats ticked all of his boxes, boasting a 3.3 meters critical fall height and being fully weatherproof they were perfect to sit beneath his sons new playarea. Read on to see how Sameer installed his mats!

Rubber Grass Mats Under PlayArea Project

The Work

As with all gardening or landscaping projects a level of planning was required before starting any work. Sameer began by outlining where he wanted the slide and swings to be laid, he could then decide where the Rubber Grass Mats needed to be installed to ensure all users would be safe. The swing set was already installed in the garden when the mats arrived, however the mats could be installed beneath the swings without having to lift out the frame. So Sameer simply laid the mats under the swings, tied them together using Cable Ties and secured them into the ground using Plastic Fixing Pegs to ensure when walked on there would be no movement.

With the swing set now matted it was time for the slide. Sameer decided to keep the matting the same width down the garden and laid the rest of the mats just as he had under the swing set and attached them accordingly. This created a great foundation on which the slide was installed. As you can see from the photos the end of the slide finished in the grass as the danger from falling comes from climbing the ladder to the top of the slide and covering the end was unnecessary. Sameer double check that each mat was cable tied to the next one and secured into the ground using fixing pegs.

Another great feature of the grass mats, once they have been installed for a few weeks grass will start growing through the holes in the mat. This gives off a natural look and disguises the mats a little so they aren’t as obvious. You can see this very well on the photo of the Swing Set.

Rubber Grass Mats Under PlayArea Work


Sameer is incredibly happy with the outcome of his safety matting project. He now has the piece of mind that should anyone take a trip or fall on the playarea then they will be met with a softer landing than before. We are very proud that our fully recycled rubber grass mats can create a safe playing environment for everyone. Not only do they keep everyone safe but help parents worry a little less about potential accidents!

“We are very happy with the purchase and the peace of mind it gives us when our son is on top of the slides or having a go on the swings, is incomparable. The mats are certainly worth the money and more.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sameer for the photos and information he sent through for us to be able to create this case study. Should you have any information or photos to share with us or any questions regarding our products then please do contact us.

Rubber Grass Mats Under PlayArea Conclusion

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