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X-Grid Garden Paving Solution – Returning Customer

Returning customers and recomendations are a good indicator as to how well you and your products are performing. In this case study we have a customer who used our X-Grid paving on their driveway a few years ago and have been so impressed by it that they decided to use it again but this time in their garden. Clare contacted us a few weeks ago to get herself another delivery of X-Grid. To find out exactly what Clare did with the panels to transform her garden and what she thought of them the second time round then read on!

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The Project

This case study is from a returning customer, Clare had used our X-Grid for her driveway a few years ago and was incredibly please with how it had performed. This is why she decided to order more X-Grid® to help transform her garden from normal concrete slabs to having an outer edge of X-Grid and Gravel with black paving tiles around the conservatory.

As Clare already knew all about our X-Grid and how to use the panels she returned to our website and immediately ordered enough panels to cover the full area. As Clare placed her order before 12pm her X-Grid was dispatched the same day and she received them 3 working days later. Read on to see how Clare installed the X-Grid and how this project turned out for her.

X-Grid® Garden Paving Project

The Work

Before ordering the X-Grid Clare had a clear plan of how she wanted her garden to look once the project was complete. Once the panels arrived Clare began outlining where the X-Grid would be laid and where the new paving stones would be placed. This gave her a rough guide when preparing the ground and laying the grid.

To start, the existing paving stones and soil was removed and disposed of responsibly. This left a solid underlayer which was re-compacted to create a solid sub-base on which the grid would sit to stop any movement when installed. Next, a sheet of GeoTextile Membrane was laid across the entire area where the X-Grid® would be installed. Membrane allows any water to drain away naturally whilst acting as a shield and stopping any weeds or plants growing up and through the grid. To secure the sheet, it was stapled into the ground using Membrane Staples to stop the sheet from moving around when weight is applied.

With a good sub-base and membrane sheet in place it was time to lay the X-Grid. Starting in one corner Clare began laying the panels one by one and connecting them as she went along. This is very simple to do as the panels are easy to handle and clip together using the specially designed slot and peg system. Clare told us how easy this was for her to do and this was one of the reasons why she decided to use our product again.

Finally, Clare filled the now laid and secured X-Grid with decorative gravel that complimented the new black paving stones very well. Around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel of X-Grid.

X-Grid® Garden Paving Work


As you can see from the photos through out this case study, Clare’s garden now looks even more amazing. The X-Grid offers a strong and permeable paving solution that will stop any gravel from being spread all over the garden. Clare was very happy with the X-Grid and the overall outcome of the project.

“Installation has gone very well, our drive has X-Grid which we installed a few years ago so we decided to use it again”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Clare for the photos and information she provided us to create this case study. Should you have any photos or information to share with us or any questions regarding any of our products then please do contact us.

X-Grid® Garden Paving Conclusion

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