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Rubber Grass Mats Create A Non-Slip Path Over Concrete For Ponies

This case study comes from Wilma who was having an issue with a very icy and potentially dangerous concrete path leading from here ponies stable to their paddock.

She told us: “I have an area of concrete at an entrance door to a big shed in which I stable my ponies. By the entrance there is a large tank that collects the rain water from the roof which we use for the ponies water, but unfortunately it overflows sometimes which is not a problem in the summer but in the winter when it gets frosty creates an icy patch at the door making it unsafe to walk the ponies over.”

Buying Non-Slip Grass Mats

Wilma began searching online for a non-slip matting product which she could install on to concrete and would provide her with a soft walkway that would keep herself and the horses away from the water or frost underneath. After a little browsing she came across our rubber grass mats and started reading up on their many benefits which include: being non-slip, thick enough to keep users out of the water, soft underfoot, fully recycled and easy to install & relocate if needed.

Wilma was impressed with the mats and decided to order 4 Grass Mats (23mm thickness), the mats were dispatched the same day she ordered and delivered just 2 working days later.

Buying Non-Slip Grass Mats
Rubber Grass Mats provide a wide range of benefits, which impressed Wilma.

Installing Grass Mats Over Concrete

Wilma unpacked her rubber grass mats and started installing them immediately.

To install the mats on to the concrete, she simply laid the mats in place (bobble side down) and ensured the mats were touching before cable tying the neighbouring mats together to ensure they would not move or separate when walked on. After laying them she walked on them to make sure they were secure before letting her ponies use the path. A simple yet very effective installation which has ensured the safety of herself and her ponies during the colder months.

Wilma said: “I have laid the mats at this entrance door (which you can see in the photos) as the depth of them will allow for the water to stay underneath the rubber mats to give me a safe non-slip surface to walk over. So far so good and the ponies are happy to walk over them.”

Installing Grass Mats Over Concrete
Rubber Grass Mats were easy to install.


A big thank you to Wilma for sharing the details and images of her installation with us, she is very pleased with her new grass mats path and they have been working very well for her ponies so far.

Wilma told us: “On the frosty mornings we have had while the grass mats have been down, they have done their job perfectly. The ponies are happy to walk on them and all 3 of them have been out over the icy concrete safely to their paddock! We are really pleased!”

If you have any photos of or information about your recent MatsGrids product installation, then please do not hesitate to contact us and your project could be featured on our website!

Creating a non-slip path: conclusion
The grass mats have done their job perfectly and the ponies love walking on them on frosty mornings!

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