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Grass Reinforcement Mesh: See You at Tee Time

Ruts and divots are problems faced on pretty much every golf course, and it’s some poor soul’s job to inspect the course throughout the day reporting rutting and replacing divots. Luckily for you – pro, amateur or unlucky-divot-fixer – we have a speedy and cost-effective solution.

Our grass reinforcement mesh will help maintain the look of a pristine golf course by preventing rutting and divots. The mesh should be laid flat on the green, fixed in place and then the grass allowed to grow through, once this has been successful, you’ll find you can treat and mow the greens as normal. Adding the reinforcement mesh to the ground will not only protect the grass against rutting, but it’ll also prevent any pedestrian or golf cart damage too.

Tested to BS7976-2 standards, our grass reinforcement Turf Mesh has a safe, slip-resistant surface which, when tested against competitors, has been found to be around 33% better than other similar products on the market. Not only is it considered a more impressive product, our grass mesh is also significantly cheaper than others on the UK market too, so it’s a win-win for all.

Whether you’re walking or riding the course, with grass mesh you can enjoy pristine views of perfect greens in front of you without any unexpected holes and without slipping.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not a huge job either as installation is fairly simple. It’s best to lay the mesh when the grass is freshly cut at a short length. The next step is to fill any holes or divots for the final time. Now it’s time for the mesh. Roll the grass reinforcement out across the area you wish to cover and secure in place with pins available on our website.

Grass Mesh

Once the grass has been given some time to grow, it’ll intertwine with the mesh creating a stronger, natural looking coverage. It’ll also save you a lot in maintenance costs in the long term as it’ll prevent the creation of divots on the course, as well as erosion caused by foot and buggy traffic in all weathers.

We have three grades of protection mesh available, light duty (suitable for pedestrians and vehicles weighing less that two tonnes), medium duty (suitable for pedestrians, small and medium vehicles), and heavy duty mesh (suitable for all including daily HGV traffic).

Each of our meshes is made from high density polyethylene and EVA – which helps give the mesh its “rubber-like” flexibility. Protected against rot, chemical damage and UV damage, these meshes are so hardwearing you can expect a serviceable lifespan spanning at least 10-20 years (dependent on correct and effective installation).

The most important thing to take away from this is that we have a form of ground reinforcement for every purpose which is light-weight, easy to install and, most importantly, cost-effective. If you’d like to find out more about our grass reinforcement range, or you’d like to see examples of how others have used our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via phone: 01246 589092 or our message board – we’ll see you at tee time.

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