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20m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Installation

This latest case study comes from Babatunde who was looking to replace a muddy grass patch at the front of his home where his children parked their cars. The cars had taken their toll on the grass leaving him with a muddy patch with two large tyre tracks on. He decided to replace the grass with gravel but didn’t want the migration that comes with free standing gravel areas. Read on to find out what Babatunde decided to do:

Choosing X-Grid

Babatunde told us: “I researched on the internet to find out more about gravel driveways with little or no gravel migration and soon came across your website and X-Grid plastic paving grids.”

He began reading up on X-Grid’s many benefits such as: massively reducing gravel migration, being able to hold 420 tonnes per square metre, being fully permeable and also being UV & weather resistant. Babatunde was very impressed with the gravel grid and decided to order enough to cover his required area.

He continued: “To begin the project, I ordered 20m² of Black X-Grid which was delivered to me within three working days.” 

Choosing A Grid
X-Grid is used in this case study for domestic driveways

Installing Gravel Driveway

Once his 20m² of X-Grid had arrived, Babatunde could begin his installation. He talked us through the process of installing his gravel driveway:

Excavation Of Grass and Top Soil 
I hired my local gardener to excavate the existing grass and earth to a depth of about 75mm and cart away same. A layer of hardcore was created and compacted to create a solid but permeable sub-base to support the X-Grid panels.
Laying of Membrane 
A layer of geo-textile membrane was cut and secured on top of the compacted hardcore to prevent weeds from growing up through the gravel.
Installation of X-Grid Panels 
The installation of the X-Grid Panels on a layer of sharp sand on the secured membrane began from one corner by attaching each panel together using the slot and peg system. The plastic panels were cut at certain points of the driveway with a jigsaw to in order to fit correctly the shape of the drive.
Filling of gravel 
With the plastic grid in place, 2 bulk bags of 20mm decorative gravel ordered from a local builders merchant were used to fill and compact the entire driveway area.”
Installing Gravel Driveway
Installing an X-Grid Gravel Driveway is a simple four-step process
Installing Gravel Driveway
The X-Grid creates a high standard gravel driveway


Babatunde is incredibly happy with his new gravel driveway and it looks fantastic! The installation was straight forward and has been very effective, providing a solid parking space and with no migration.

He told us: “I am very pleased with my gravel driveway project. My neighbours and people driving past my house during the project were also very impressed with the Black X-Grid panels I used for the project.”

A big thank you to Babatunde for choosing to use our X-Grid and then for sharing the photos and details of his project with us. If you have photos of your installation to share with us then please do not hesitate to contact us and your work could be featured on our website!

Gravel Driveway Installation Conclusion
X-Grid has provided a solid parking space which has impressed the homeowner and rest of the street

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