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What is GrassMesh able to support?


GrassMesh can provide support for pedestrians, wheelchairs and garden machinery.

Is GrassMesh suitable for dogs to walk on?


Yes, GrassMesh can be walked on by dogs.

What thickness mesh can a lawnmower go over?


Any thickness of mesh can be mowed as long as the blade height has been lifted.

This medium-duty GrassMesh is the perfect product for stabilising our rubber play mats. This stabilisation mesh can be used on undulating, sloped and flat ground – it really can be used anywhere.

Intended to stabilise the ground, GrassMesh should be laid before our rubber play mats in order to stabilise and strengthen the ground below your rubber mats ensuring that they’re unable to move.

Perfect for use in gardens and on children’s playgrounds, the addition of GrassMesh will add to the serviceable life of the product as well as the safety of your children. Although the weight-bearing capability of this product includes the likes of lawnmowers, wheelchairs and, of course, pedestrians, please note that it is not suitable for vehicular use.

For installation information, please click here. Alternatively, if you’d like more information on our rubber mat stabiliser, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Weight 11 kg

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