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Rubber Play Tiles Used Around A Built In Garden Trampoline

The Project

This case study comes from our customer Francesca who was looking for a suitable safety matting product to surround her childrens new built in trampoline. She contacted us through our MatsGrids Facebook page to find out more about our Rubber Play Tiles.

After giving her more information and having read the product descriptions and installation guides, Francesca ordered 28 Black Rubber Play Tiles. Instead of having them delivered, she collected the tiles from us just a few days later.

Rubber Play Tiles Used Around A Built In Garden Trampoline: The Project
Rubber Play Tiles are ideal as a safety feature around children's trampolines and play areas.

The Work

Francesca had her trampoline installed before beginning her work with the rubber play tiles. Once she was ready to install the tiles she unpacked them in the garden and ensured she had everything to get the mats installed.

The tiles are very simple to install, Francesca laid one tile at a time by using a super strength glue and attached each tile together using the interlocking pegs. She repeated this until the entire area was covered fully. An easy install but very effective flooring to protect her children. 

Rubber Play Tiles Used Around A Built In Garden Trampoline: The Work
The Play Tiles interlock together.


Francesca was and still is incredibly pleased with her rubber play tiles and how they have performed.

“We are all very impressed with the rubber tiles, they are fabulous thank you!”

A big thank you to Francesca for the photos and information to enable us to create this great case study on Rubber Play tiles. Should you have any questions regarding our products or any images or information to share with us then please do contact us.

Rubber Play Tiles Used Around A Built In Garden Trampoline: The Conclusion
Francesca was incredibly please with her Play Tiles.

4 Replies to “Rubber Play Tiles Used Around A Built In Garden Trampoline

  1. Hi after a price on rubber tiles to replace blue rubber bark on my kids play area as the blue bark is getting everywhere the size of the area 5 by 3 meters and what would I need to sit the tiles on as I believe it’s got crush and run under the bark and then a membrane?
    Hope too here from you as very keen to get cracked on!
    Cheers Iain

    1. Hi Iain,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I will have one of our sales team send you an email through as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Kirsty.

      Beneath the rubber play tiles it’s advisable to install a solid base of hardcore in order to make the surface stable. You can find the installation guide on the ‘Download’ tab on the product page of the website.

      Matsgrids – Rubber Play Tiles

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