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Elegrodeck – A Plastic Decking Board Balcony Installation

When it comes to owning an apartment with a balcony with a coastal view you must ensure that whatever plastic decking boards chosen for the balcony or furniture outside, they must be able to withstand the erosion from extreme weather conditions. Read how Elegrodeck solved the issues experienced by our customer.

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The Project

The case study begins with our customer receiving an enquiry to install a balcony at an apartment that over looks the River Itchen in Southampton. The client specifically requested a product that would resist any rain, wind, cold or heat and any moisture that constantly comes in from the nearby sea.


Elegrodeck Recycled Plastic Decking Balcony

The Work

Our customer began his search for fully plastic decking boards with all of the above qualities and soon found our website. He read through all of our products and decided our Blake Oak Elegrodeck Balcony Boards would be the perfect solution. To ensure it was the right product, they requested a sample which we sent out the same day and arrived with them 2 days later.

After showing his client and comparing our fully recycled decking boards to other composite options they decided to proceed with our Elegrodeck boards. They soon ordered 22 boards of Blake Oak which was delivered by pallet to the installation address.

Our customer began by stripping away the old rotting decking and ensuring the foundations were secure before beginning to install the Elegrodeck. He then followed the installation guide we send with all of our orders and had the entire balcony installed in no time.

Elegrodeck Recycled Plastic Decking Balcony


Both our customer and the client are incredibly happy with their new balcony and are still amazed by the Elegrodeck. They have also recommended our fully recycled plastic decking boards to all of their friends and family.

Blake Oak Elegrodeck, creating a Monaco harbour worthy balcony by the River Itchen!

Elegrodeck Plastic Decking Boards Balcony

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