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Domestic Driveway Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway Installation – Domestic X-Grid® Case Study


This project comes from Chris at Sage Garden Design. A client approached Chris about having a gravel driveway installed, but due to the slight natural slope of the drive there was likely to be a lot of migration especially when driven on. Which meant Chris had to research and find a Gravel Grid that was strong enough to support cars, would stop gravel migration and wouldn’t be difficult to install. This is when he found our website and came across our Gravel Driveway category and Black X-Grid® product.

After reading up on the benefits of X-Grid® and finding out that it can hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm, was permeable, was an 80% open structure so would hold gravel and reduce migration and with a slot and peg system was easy to install.

Chris showed his customer X-Grid® and after both agreeing it was the best option, they ordered 25m² and received their delivery 3 working days later via pallet at the clients home.

Gravel Driveway Installation: Project
X-Grid holds up to 420 tonnes per sqm.


Once the day of installation arrived, Chris had all of the products needed to get the gravel driveway installed.

He began by removing the old driveway which was made of brick and was hard at times. However once removed, it left an exposed solid concrete base which Chris was able to use as a sub-base. Although we do suggest using hardcore and membrane as a sub-base to help increase the areas permeability, installing straight onto concrete has been done by customers in the past.

From here Chris began installing the X-Grid®. He started in one corner of the driveway and laid one panel at a time and simply connected each piece together as he went along. He later told us how easy this process was! Due to an uneven curve at the bottom of the drive, a few panels were cut to shape using a normal handsaw to fit the angle. Again Chris told us how easy the panels were to cut and shape.

Finally, Chris filled the entire area with decorative gravel to complete the installation. We suggest that around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel so you can estimate how much gravel will be required for your project. Once filled all that was left to do was to park the car!

Gravel Driveway Installation: Work
X-Grid was installed on a concrete base with hardcore and membrane as a sub-base.


Chris and his client are very pleased with their new gravel driveway. They now have a strong, decorative and permeable driveway that will not migrate and will last for years to come. We agree that it looks amazing!

Chris told us: “We needed a firm base which would stop any gravel migration. It was very easy to order from your website and our X-Grid was quickly delivered. The panels are very simple to install, I would definitely recommend them and MatsGrids to others.”

A huge thanks to Chris for sharing his project and allowing us to create this case study. Should you have any images to share or questions about any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

X-Grid Gravel Driveway Installation: Conclusion
Chris said, "X-Grid panels are very simple to install, I would definitely recommend them."

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    1. Hi Jamie,
      X-Grid can be installed directly onto a concrete sub-base as done so in this case study. Follow the steps covered in this blog.

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