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Grass Protection Mesh: Stop Grass Erosion

Grass Protection Mesh: Stop Grass Erosion

Grass is a beautiful feature wherever you see it but continuous use, either by people or their transport, will vastly diminish the quality of a lawn.

MatsGrids specialise in providing inventive solutions to all ground reinforcement problems. In the case of our Grass Protection Meshes, they do exactly as their name suggests. The mesh helps to spread and reduce the pressure on the soil, thus protecting the grass roots and preventing erosion. This allows the grass to stay healthy and vibrant for much longer than if left unprotected. What is even better is that, once the grass has been allowed to grow, the mesh will be invisible. The mesh ensures that you will always be walking upon a firm surface, regardless of the weather conditions.

We offer a range of six Grass Protection Meshes and each one is made from 100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene), accommodating a wide range of purposes. Each roll is 1m x 10m, except where stated otherwise:

GrassMesh 270

The lightest mesh, 2mm thick, is for those areas which do not see much in the way of foot traffic. Nonetheless, even a little pressure will damage grass over time, which is where this mesh comes in. This mesh comes in rolls measuring 1m x 30m

GrassMesh 450

This is a medium duty mesh, for grass areas that experience an average amount of traffic. It is 3mm thick and will provide ample protection in such areas.

GrassMesh 640

This is a heavy duty mesh at 4mm thick and will protect grass from serious strain. We recommend it for use in areas that see a high amount of pedestrian traffic, such as golf course pathways, campsites and car parks.

For further utility, we sell parking markers which simply slot into the mesh and provide an inexpensive method for marking out car parks.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact a member of the MatsGrids sales team on 01246-589092 and we’ll be happy to provide you with our professional advice

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