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X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation – 232m²

Our latest case study comes from Paul who was looking to transform the front of his home and create a large, decorative and strong gravel driveway that would not migrate regardless of the amount of times it was driven on.

Paul began researching online for a gravel grid that would be strong enough to support at least two cars and would be easy enough for him to install himself. He soon found our website and our X-Grid® Gravel Driveway grid. After reading up on the grid and its many benefits such as being easy to install, able to hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm and made from 100% recycled plastic, Paul ordered 232m² of X-Grid® along with 220m² of Geotextile Membrane.

Paul's Project

Paul’s order was dispatched the next day and delivered just a few working days later. His X-Grid® was delivered by pallet and was offloaded at his house so he could begin his installation immediately. However due to the poor weather we all experienced in March, Paul had to push the work he had planned to do back to April.

Once the snow had finally disappeared and the sun came out, Paul was able to get started on his new driveway.

X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation: Project
Paul received X-Grid immediately.

How To Install A Gravel Driveway

Paul began by ensuring the driveway area was clear by removing any leftovers from the previous driveway, so removing any leftover bricks and stones etc. With this done, he had a blank canvas on which to begin his project.

Next, Paul laid a small layer of hardcore across all of the drive and compacted it well using a Wacker which he had rented for a few days. Hardcore is used to create a solid and permeable sub-base on which X-Grid® is installed, it is a vital part of any installation as it allows X-Grid® to perform to the best of its ability.

With the hardcore level, Paul began laying his membrane. Membrane acts as a shield between the sub-base and grid and allows any water to drain away naturally whilst stopping weeds and plants from growing up and through the gravel. The membrane sheets were rolled out and secured into the ground using U-Pins to ensure there was no movement when walked on or blown by the wind until his X-Grid® was installed.

Once the membrane was laid, Paul was ready to install his X-Grid® panels. As they were delivered in m² panels, Paul was able to lay his large area in a very quick time compared to laying and levelling concrete. Paul told us that X-Grid® was very easy to work with and connect together using the slot and peg system. He laid all of his driveway grid in just a couple of hours and could begin to fill the area. 

Using decorative stone of up to 20mm, Paul began filling his driveway. We estimate that around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel so 72kg is needed to fill a m². From here you can make a rough guess at how much gravel you will need.

Finally all that was left to do was to ensure all the panels were filled properly and park his cars! As we’re sure you’ll agree, Paul’s driveway looks amazing and the hard work he put in to create it was more than worth it!

How To Install A Gravel Driveway
X-Grid was held in position by U-Pins.


A huge thank you to Paul for using our X-Grid® to create his gravel driveway and sharing the photos of his project with us. He was and still is very pleased with his finished gravel driveway. Paul actually came to our warehouse in Chesterfield to return some X-Grid® and Membrane that was left over at the end of the project and told us how easy it was to install, how well the X-Grid® performed and that he would recommend it to others too.

Should you have photos of your completed project to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

X-Grid® Domestic Gravel Driveway Installation – 232m²: Conclusion
X-Grid was easy to install and he would recommend to others.
X-Grid Domestic Gravel Driveway Complete

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