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121m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Case Study

This latest case study comes from a customer who was in the process of rebuilding his new home and adding extensions. However, Glen was thrown a curve ball during the work and had to create a gravel driveway to replace his old drive. Read on to see why Glen had to create his gravel driveway and how he did so:

Broken Driveway

Glen was working on his new home, creating an extension and was using a large crane which was sat on his concrete drive for a majority of the time. Unfortunately, mid-way through the work, his concrete driveway gave way and collapsed under his heavy crane which you can see in the photo to the left.

Leaving Glen with a broken driveway and unfinished extension, he needed to tackle his driveway problem sooner rather than later to enable him to complete his building work.

121m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Case Study: Broken Driveway
Glen sustained driveway damage while building an extension, meaning he needed an alternative.


Glen began by looking at his options for rebuilding his driveway. With concrete it would be at least 7 days after being laid until he could drive on it again, and that is with just with normal cars and it is advised to avoid the edges as they are still considerably weak.

This was too long to wait and so Glen began searching for a suitable alternative and soon found our website and our X-Grid® gravel driveway grid. Impressed with its strength (able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm) and other great benefits, Glen ordered 121m² of Black X-Grid® the same day. His order was delivered 3 working days later to his home.

121m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Case Study: About X-Grid
X-Grid had the benefit of being able to use immediately.

Gravel Driveway Installation

With the X-Grid® now in front of his house, Glen could begin his installation as soon as possible.

The job began with the removal of the old concrete drive which was a tough job for Glen to dig up and dispose of.

Once all of the top concrete was removed, Glen was left with a concrete base, on top of which he laid a 15mm layer of sand before compacting it down as well as he could to create a solid and permeable sub-base on which his X-Grid® would be installed.

With his sub-base prepared, Glen began his installation of the X-Grid®. When delivered on a pallet, the panels come in packs of 9 (1 metre square) so large areas can be laid quicker. Glen told us it took him a little while to get used to connecting the panels, however once he did get used to it he laid the entire area in under two hours. Our grid is easy to install thanks to its specially designed slot and peg system.

“The X-Grid® is very good. It initially took a bit to understand but once I got the hang of it, I laid it all in about an hour and half”

With the area now laid, Glen began filling his driveway with pea shingle. Glen told us that he used around 11 ton of pea shingle to over fill the entire area. As you can see from the photos, his new driveway looks great!

121m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Case Study: Gravel Driveway Installation
It was easy to install. The entire area was laid in around two hours.


Glen was and still is very pleased with his new gravel driveway. He was so impressed with the X-Grid® that he is looking for ways to use it in his garden. A huge thank you to Glen for using our X-Grid and for sending in the photos and information of his X-Grid® Gravel Driveway.

Glen told us “I used your X-Grid as you had great Customer Service, Quality Product, Feedback and Competitive Price. I would absolutely recommend and use you again, I am already considering where I can use it in the garden.”

Should you have photos of your project to share with us or have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page. 

121m² X-Grid® Gravel Driveway Case Study: conclusion
Glen is considering other projects for X-Grid.

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