Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Caledonia Play Swing Set - Featured Image
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Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Caledonia Play Swing Set

This latest case study comes from Paul, who after purchasing a Garden Play Swing Set with a Climbing frame from Caledonia Play in Scotland, began searching for a suitable protective play flooring to install around the play area. He did so to ensure his children would be safe if any trips or falls did occur. Read on to find out what flooring Paul decided to use:


Paul began searching online for Rubber Play Flooring and soon came across our website and our range of Rubber Grass Mats which are great for installation under play areas due to their fantastic critical fall height of 3.3 meters.

After reading up on their fantastic benefits, Paul soon ordered enough Rubber Grass Mats to surround his swing set and ordered 100 Cable Ties and 20 Black Fixing Pegs. He collected them from our warehouse in Chesterfield two days later and the items were loaded into his car by our warehouse team. Paul began his installation as soon as he could.

Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Caledonia Play Swing Set: The Project
Rubber Grass Mats are great for play areas with a critical fall height of 3.3 metres.


Paul first had his Swing Set and Climbing Frame installed in his garden. The Caledonia team delivered the Play Area and the full structure was put together and installed in the correct position the same day. Paul said how good the Caledonia team were from ordering to installation, he would definitely recommend them.

With the play area in place, Paul could begin to install his protective matting.  Paul laid out all 4 mats that he had purchased and positioned them just as he wanted.

Once they were in the correct position he tied all of the mats together using the cable ties he purchased. From here he used the plastic pegs to secure the mats into the ground and ensure they would not move when walked or ran on. The installation was very simple for Paul and he is very pleased with the results.

Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Caledonia Play Swing Set: Work
Mats were set into the coreect position, tied with cable ties and secured using plastic pegs.


A huge thank you to Paul for sharing the photos and information that allowed us to create this case study. He was, and still is very pleased with his Rubber Grass Mats and Caledonia Play Swing Set. He said this about both of his purchases.

Grass Mats: “I’m really pleased with my rubber grass mats, they look very hard wearing and are perfect for our new swing set, I’m particularly pleased that the grass will be able to grow through the mats, which will ‘hide’ them in time, whilst still providing a safe area for my kids to play on.”

Swing Set: “I’m very pleased with the swing, it’s really sturdy, takes my weight and didn’t need sinking in concrete (as some of the other brands insist).”

If you have photos of your installation you wish to share with us or if you have any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rubber Grass Mats Installed Under A Caledonia Play Swing Set: conclusion
Grass Mats are hard wearing and allow grass to grow, creating a natural appearance.

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